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Relaxing Couple of Days of Cross-training :)

By Kc2610 @kc2610
The boys have really enjoyed the past couple of day's work! Yesterday I took both of them out onto the gallop track for a good stretch and canter. A perfect post-physio session, as the physio came to look at them the afternoon before. Seb especially enjoyed it, it was like he was saying "YAY mummy, I can canter!!!"
Today I took both of them out on the lanes for a hack with the yard's head girl. It was a gorgeous clear day (although absolutely freezing, -1 degrees!) and the boys really loved getting out to see a bit of the real world. I love walking out on the lanes and roads, it is so good for their tendons and the inclines really work all those 'hard to reach' muscles. Just have to watch out for the cars.... I always pick the quietest possible roads!
I wish I had some pics but I didn't bring my phone out with me :( I did have the perfect day, though I'm still a little tired, still recovering from my cold! Tomorrow I have a lesson on both boys with Sandy so we all better be prepared to work hard!

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