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Relax, Breathe Easy & Get Clear Skin with Mineral-Rich Salt Therapy Treatments

By Rockitnapptural @Rockitnapptural

Salt Sanctuary Elkridge Maryland
I absolutely love Groupon. I can always find some of the best deals for local attractions, spas, eateries and events. Recently, I took advantage of a local deal for a visit to the Salt Sanctuary of Maryland. The Salt Sanctuary is pretty much a synthetic, Himalayan salt-infused cave that mimics the original underground salt mines of Eastern Europe. Although it sounds crazy, salt therapy, or Halotherapy has proven to be beneficial for various health and beauty problems. 
Arriving at the Salt Sanctuary, we were immediately greeted by the owner and founder Ellen Flaherty. With over 25 years of health experience, Ellen has worked in fields from traditional hospitals and clinics, to nursing homes and even hospices. Her mission in opening the sanctuary was to offer an affordable, drug-free and holistic approach to healing for those suffering from respiratory and breathing problems.
Ellen was extremely friendly and welcoming. She inquired about our medical history and made small conversation with us as she patiently waited for us to finish. She continued to explain the many health benefits of salt therapy as she handed over our registration packages. Salt therapy, which involves spending time in a "salt cave" and inhaling Himalayan Salt particles, has been said to have various respiratory health and beauty benefits.


  • promotes healthy energy levels
  • acts as a natural decongestant
  • helps eliminate asthma and sinus headaches
  • relieves allergies
  • helps with skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema 
  • relieves stress
  • helps eliminate obnoxious snoring
  • aids in recovery of lungs for recovering smokers

After we registered and completed the paperwork, we were shown to our lockers to secure our belongings. Then, we were taken to a room where we were asked to remove our shoes, and provided with these blue foot covers to keep salt from getting in between our toes.
salt room
salt room, salt therapy
salt therapy, salt room
While relaxing in the softly lit room, I practiced breathing techniques by inhaling to the count of four, holding for 4 and then deeply exhaling to the count of eight. After about 15 minutes, everyone in the room was pretty silent. My breathing seemed to become lighter and more effortless with each passing minute.
I think I dozed off at some point. Before I knew it, the lights were getting brighter and our session was over. I felt relaxed and the air seemed pure as I took continued to breathe while exiting the room. There was another group in the lobby waiting for their turn. It seems that salt therapy is becoming pretty popular. And not because it's a trendy thing to do but because people have actually seen the benefits of long-term treatments.
Janine Narayadu, owner of the Bethesda Salt Cave in Maryland, explained why she believed many people were becoming more interested in the healing properties of salt therapy. "If someone has sinus issues, sinus headaches, the best way to get the sinusesclear is to put salt in because salt draws out water. If there's fluid in the nose or the sinus cavity, the salt is going to draw it out and dry it up."
salt room, salt therapy

salt therapy, salt cave, massage

Massage & Acupuncture Room at The Salt Sanctuary of Maryland

I haven't indulged in salt therapy long enough to comment on any health benefits, but I did notice a cleaner, clearer breathing passage while lounging in the salt room. It's definitely something I would be willing to try on a consistent basis. As a former smoker, I'm down for trying anything that's safe, all-natural and promotes the healing of the lungs. 
Special thanks to Ellen and her staff for their genuine hospitality! If you're in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by The Salt Sanctuary of Maryland. It's located at 6020 Meadowridge Center Drive, Elkridge, MD 21075. Call and make your appointment at 410-799-7699 and be  sure to let them know that I sent you!


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