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REFUSED Release “War Music”. Some Bands Just Want to Watch the World Burn.

Posted on the 19 October 2019 by Indiemusicpromo @urbandisavirus

Swedish hardcore punk legends REFUSED have released their long-awaited new album "War Music" October 18, 2020 via Spinefarm Records. The album was produced by Martin Ehrencrona. So what can be said about it? It's hard to say. What can be said about a boot stomping on a human face forever? If you've been through enough in this lifetime, it's nearly impossible to move you even slightly, let alone shock you, or rouse you. But this is an album that does just that.

Gone is much of the electronica and proggy experimentation the band dabbled with on prior full-length "Freedom". In it's place? Total rage. The band is all lean muscle, and every track is a molotov cocktail, fully plugged in and all fired up. "War Music" is one of those beautiful releases where you can tell the band united with a singular intent; to tear it down at all costs. So, although "The Shape of Punk to Come" contains more dynamic here and there and of course it changed heavy music as we know it, "War Music" is as dynamic as it needs to be, shifting the priority to a constant, blistering manifesto. It's a worthy follow up and an album for today's corrupt, violent, oft hopeless age.

/One spark to set it off
One match is all we need
Wanna stack your values high
And douse with gasoline
One spark to set it off
One match is all we need
Wanna stack your values high
And douse with gasoline' - I Wanna Watch the World Burn

It's a hardcore masterpiece and should inspire those who feel truly great art is no longer made in this foul year of our Lord, 2019.

Listen below on Spotify.

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