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Recovery: Sobriety Fitness is In My Recovery!

By Sobrfit3
Written  By:  Cathy Shuba
"Happy Halloween!"
This past weekend was interesting.  This past weekend I met someone on Facebook who seemed to think he knew me, knew my business and thought it was appropriate to bash my name, my Sobriety Fitness blog and everything else I have worked so hard for.  What have I worked so hard for?  My recovery!  My sobriety!  My new life!  My Sobriety Fitness!
This man continued to take a self righteous, arrogant, ballsy way of bashing me.  What kind of recovery is that?  Who is he to tell everyone who I am, what I am and how I live my life.  Not to mention make a living since he was so determined to convince everyone in this Recovery group,..."Yeah that's right, it was a recovery group, if you could figure that one out, anyways, he continue to say that my posts are linked to my company!  I thought to myself,...what?  Well, if there is a company linked to my Sobriety Fitness I would like to know who, myself!  He then went to another group that is the same type recovery and continued to bash me there along with others who had links posted from information articles to others sites they felt were helpful to the group.  His comments there were very abusive and down right out of line!
How did I deal with it?  I never once reacted to his madness, his chaos causing ways.  However, I did talk to some friends and vented my hurt feelings with them.  I was hurt!  I am human and reading stuff about you that is just not true is hurtful.  However, the most important thing to this whole mess is that I truly know who I am and respect my self worth too much to fall prey to his misery.  I also know that I would never act or be as obnoxious and mean as he was to me.  My business is none of his business!  Lastly, I later had messages from friends who had seen his comments and were just as shocked and applaud by his obnoxious behavior.  I really said some prayers for him and the others that followed behind his bullying ways.  I really felt sorry for him because people who try so hard to bring you down are really telling the world they are miserable in their own skin.  Like that saying goes, "Hurt people, hurt other people!"  I will pray for him and those others that followed him.
The real sad thing to this whole matter is that he was so upset that I did not listen to him, obey him and do what he wanted me to do, which was delete my blog from these two groups as he felt they did not follow the traditions.  Sounds like a control issue to me!  Yet, the group itself is not a real meeting nor is it registered with the World Service Office.  Still, he insisted, which his behavior then caused chaos, drama and upset to the other members of both groups.  Still this individual was on a quest to get me off the page, banish me, rid me and even try to destroy me.  This individuals needs,self righteous ways and bullying behavior was more important than the group itself.  Does there seem to be something wrong with this picture?  Recovery groups are suppose to be there for support, not bullying!  The ironic thing to all of this, is that I am friends with both group administrators and they both approved my blog.  Otherwise, they would have deleted it long time ago!  Furthermore, he continued to say I am a business and nothing more.  I wanted to say to him, what do you think a 12 step program is?  If it is a non profit, I hate to burst your bubble,'s a business!  Just because it is a 12 step program/Non Profit does not mean it is not a business.  If it carries a Tax ID# it is a business!  But yet, he was trying so hard to convince everyone I should not promote my business.  That I was not helping anyone and I am a person chasing an ambulance.  Is my message that bad, that I do not help anyone, inspire anyone or motivate anyone?  I'll tell you this for sure I know his message was no where near inspiring, motivating or helpful!  So, So sad!
Sobriety Fitness is my blog where I share my experience, strength and hope with anyone who cares to read or learn more about me.  I am the sole proprietor of Sobriety Fitness!  I am in the process of making things by hand and will eventually be selling them on my blog.  Am I allowed to do that?  Yes, I am!  Am I allowed to write a book?  Yes, I am!  Am I allowed to own a business?  Yes, I am!  Am I allowed to post my blog in recovery groups on Facebook?  Yes, I am,...that is as long as the administrator allows me too, I always ask first, before I post my blog!  I will never disrespect a Recovery Group on Facebook!  On the other hand, I am not affiliated with any 12 step program which allows me to do as I please with Sobriety Fitness.  No one can tell me how to make a living, I do not work for any of the 12 step groups, which this allows me to promote my Sobriety Fitness any where I chose to do so.  No one can tell me what I can and not sell on my blog or with Sobriety Fitness.  I know my legal rights with Sobriety Fitness and no one can tell me different unless my lawyer tells me different.  It is just me, myself and I!  All of my posts in my blog comes from me.  All my posts come from my experience, strength and hope.   Those who choose to judge me, ridicule me and tell me I am wrong are really missing the whole message of why I have Sobriety Fitness in my recovery!  Are you willing to have Sobriety Fitness added to your recovery?  I hope so, God knows after what I just witnessed we need more recovery sources to spread the message of hope, love and acceptance, not to mention open mindedness along with minding your own business!
Do you have a hard time with reacting to things?  If so, take a breather and know you are not alone but with practice of believing who you really are or what you really need, reacting will eventually be easier to handle.
Today, I will run knowing I spoke the truth of me, of Sobriety Fitness and to all who truly love my message, regardless!  I will not let anyone take Sobriety Fitness away from my recovery! Creative Commons License 
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