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  • Dot 2 Dot Cafe


    is a tiny restaurant / coffee shop / bookstore in Dorchester. The fiance and I had heard great things about their breakfast, and decided to check them out! Read more

    The 13 October 2016 by   Kerrieurban
  • Make Ahead Healthy Sausage Breakfast Bowls

    Make Ahead Healthy Sausage Breakfast Bowls

    Make these healthy sausage breakfast bowls on the weekend for a fridge full of easy breakfasts throughout the week! Ahhhh…there is something SO nice about... Read more

    The 25 October 2016 by   Sweetpeasandsaffron
  • Reading Challenge 2016 Update 4

    Reading Challenge 2016 Update

    My best effort to read 20 books for my 2016 Reading Challenge has slowed of late. I found the Summer a distraction of other activities and days out, allowing... Read more

    The 27 October 2016 by   Angela
  • Pumpkin Tarte Flambé with Bacon, Goat Cheese and Herbs

    Pumpkin Tarte Flambé with Bacon, Goat Cheese Herbs

    Have you ever heard about flammkuchen? Flammkuchen or as it is translated tarte flambée is a german speciality. The traditional base is a very thin bread dough... Read more

    The 28 October 2016 by   Nadjanoemi
  • Branching out #giveaway

    Branching #giveaway

    I'm really trying to hop aboard the pumpkin train, though it left the station without me many years ago. While I've given up on mushrooms and beets, I think... Read more

    The 04 October 2016 by   Asoutherngrace
  • Chocolate Popovers #Choctoberfest

    Chocolate Popovers #Choctoberfest

    Popovers have never been easier than with this simple recipe.Welcome to Chocotoberfest! Today I decided to make chocolate popovers. I love the regular popovers... Read more

    The 12 October 2016 by   Veronica46
  • Envy Apple Envy

    Envy Apple

    Does your grocery store carry Envy apples? If not, you're out of luck. If so, buy some immediately!read more words! Read more

    The 20 October 2016 by   Asoutherngrace

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