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Recipe: Chicken (What Ever You Have In Your House) Soup

By Stilettosanddiaperbags @Sadbblog
I showed you in a previous post how to make your own broth and store it in the freezer for future use. On this cooler day I decided chicken soup was a must! I grabbed the last few containers of broth I made out of the freezer and looked in my fridge for what I could add. I had a whole chicken, so I put that in the oven then looked around for what I could add to my chicken soup. I'm very big on just cooking with what you have on hand in your home. I had carrots, fresh spinach, frozen corn, frozen peas, and rice. Yep, that will do!With about an 90 minutes left before the chicken would be ready I peeled and sliced 4 large carrots and put that in my large pan with the frozen broth. I left if over medium-low heat for the entire 90 minutes. When I had 30 minutes before the chicken would be ready I added the rice, peas, and corn. Photobucket
When the chicken was ready I added the spinach as it doesn't take long for that to cook. I used 1/2 of the whole chicken (of course saving the bones for the next batch of broth I will make), cut it up and added it to my soup.
I ended up with a lovely chicken, rice, and veggie soup that was made entirely from ME! I followed no recipe. I was good!!! My kids loved it, my hubby liked it (he hates all veggies, but at least he ate nutrient rich broth, fresh chicken, and rice) and I was kinda impressed with myself.
Here is the finished product:
Do you have a go to chicken soup recipe? Or are you like me and just make it up as you go?
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