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Recap of Bad Girls Club Redemption Reunion Part 1

Posted on the 17 December 2014 by Mikeylately @MikeyLately

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Y’all this looks like it might be the best reunion ever in Bad Girls Club history. Reunion part 1 might of been a little boring but next weeks episode is going to be good. Lets get into the recap below.

So we start off with Camilla, who is BAE. Hands down!!! BAE for reality shows!!! She meets up with

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Danni who is low-key BAE too. They start talking about the other girls. They exposed Julie for the fake she is. They also say that Julie isn’t coming. Danni says after Julie’s fake stunt during the last episode Julie never called or talked to Danni. See this is why I never really like Julie fake ass. They also talk about Judi and her drinking problem. 

Next we see Jada. I see Jada used that BGC check

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to get that nice blonde hair. After Jada , it was Rocky and she looked nice as well…. They both talk about Rocky’s relationship and then get on Camilla. And let me just say Rocky is start ish a getting. She’s putting stuff in Jada’s mind again. Telling her Camilla’s apologize was fake. Rocky shut your ass up. You about to get that girl ass whooped. And Jada you too damn old to be listening to and 23-year-old. Same age of Sarah being manipulated by some way younger than your (-_-). Rima comes and joins them, but who cares. She was whack this season.
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Next we see Sarah and Judi…. I thought they both look nice. And I thought it was funny how they dissed that little Rat I mean Rima. They also talked about the cheap Sarah (Jada) and Rocky. Sarah does  mention that she thought this season was worst than season 11. Then we see them another scene with Natalie. Natalie talked a whole lot of isht, but it was funny. She also tells Sarah and Judi what to do and try to persuade them not to be friends with Danni. She announces she pregnant and she isn’t going to be on the reunion.

The next day we see the girls getting ready and blah blah. Next thing we know it’s

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time for the reunion. Which happens to be the last five minutes (-_-). One thing that happen backstage was when Judi said Rima said she got them hands now… so does this mean she got her hands done too. Lol. So Tanisha comes out and announces the girls.

Tanisha gives Camilla props for not hitting girls this season. Blah Blah Blah. And after that Sarah and Rocky get into it. Tanisha tries to figure out what happened to Sarah and Rocky’s friendship. And Sarah responded that she didn’t let Rocky lick the kitty kat. lol and Sarah called Rocky a man… She was like I think it’s wrong for a man to pull a womans hair out lol. And Rocky was like well she pulled my buttons of so I pulled her hair.

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So you next weeks episode is about to be turnt. Sarah you own this episode because you were lit. Sarah vs. Jada, Camilla vs. Jada, and Jada vs. Danni, and maybe Rima vs. Judi might be next episode too. Stay tune for more recaps.

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