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Ready for Change, Positioned for Success: Habits of Successful Business People

Posted on the 15 February 2019 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Ready for Change, Positioned for Success: Habits of Successful Business People

It's clear that people who are able to use their talent, intellect, and determination to translate a good idea into a successful business are doing something right. They observe habits that keep themselves and the people around them positioned for success, and it goes beyond waking up early every day and avoiding procrastination. A successful business person must be able to adapt to change, a characteristic that some are born with and others learn over time. Adaptability is important because technology continually evolves, your customers' needs and wants change, and the economy and business environment are always in flux.

If you want to be ready for change and positioned for success, here are the habits of successful business people you'll want to emulate.


Funding is the lifeblood of any business, and extra funding is often needed for things such as payroll, especially for a new business venture trying to stay positioned for change. If delving into the company's savings isn't an attractive option, consider securing a small business loan, though it's important to do so on terms that won't undermine your long-term growth plans. Be explicit about the terms of such a loan and keep a close eye on the current interest rate, which will be affected by everything from credit history to the nature of the loan itself.

Stressing Value

Adaptability makes it easier to focus on those things you need to strive for each day. Key among these factors is to emphasize value in everything you do during the course of a day. Working toward value in customer service, communications, product development and improvement, and process efficiency can help you remember everything that's important to your business, and no detail is too small where success is concerned. Value is what customers demand, it's what investors expect, and it's what you need employees to work toward.

Ready for Change, Positioned for Success: Habits of Successful Business People

Be a Good Teacher

Business executives are often great motivators or great at selling, but they also need to be effective at imparting business values and company objectives to those who are involved in making it happen. It's important to explain why something should be done a certain way in order to truly motivate employees, as it's easier to buy into a goal once you can see it and understand it. Business people who expect those who work for them to truly take ownership of their role or project must be able to teach why this aspect is so important.

Go After the Tough Stuff First

Many successful business people find it helps to get an early start on the day and begin making headway on their to-do list before getting pulled into meetings and side discussions. It also makes sense to work on difficult tasks early when you have more time to concentrate without distractions. Clearing out the difficult stuff early makes time for "big picture" thinking that an executive must do to cope with change and find new avenues for growth.

Build Your Stamina

Being a leader is physically demanding, and you need to build stamina to help maintain what can be a rugged pace. This should include taking good care of your body by eating right, getting enough sleep, and finding time for exercise. It's an investment that you must make in yourself, though a busy schedule and the demands of a growing business don't always help. Try including exercise into your schedule so you're incorporating it into your daily routine.

Observing good habits as a business executive means taking good care of yourself and maintaining the stamina you need to succeed. It's also about creating an environment in which those around you can grow with an understanding of how their efforts impact the company's bottom line. Effective leadership involves imparting that knowledge and teaching others to embrace change and the need to be positioned for success.

Ready for Change, Positioned for Success: Habits of Successful Business People
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Ready for Change, Positioned for Success: Habits of Successful Business People

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