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Re-Paint Vanity with Lacquer, Q & A with Robert Passal, & How to Organize Makeup in the Bathroom-It’s the Weekly Round Up!

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Find all of the latest developments in bathroom decor at the Trade Winds Imports Blog. This week we have some very special stories to bring to you. Updating your bathroom can be simple and easy and we’re going to show you how! Consider re-painting your bathroom vanity or organizing your makeup with these creative ideas! We also recommend any designer or home improvement enthusiasts to take a moment to read through a remarkable Q & A interview with an award winning Interior Designer that you should get to know!

Curious to know what the Weekly Round Up is? Anytime you overlook a story, you can always check back to see what topics you missed on our Weekly Round Up. This is a recap of the week’s events in a simplified version that is quick and easy for you to sift through. Be sure to check in every Friday to find the latest tips, projects, products, promotions, and industry news!

Q & A with Robert Passal: Award Winning Interior Designer

Earlier in the week, we were lucky enough to land an interview with one of the most distinguished interior designers in the country! In fact, Robert Passal has been recognized by many big names including Traditional Home, Architectural Digest, and The New York Times. We had a chance to ask Robert some personal questions about his career in design, his approach on new projects, and powerful insight on new trends and fashion. Honest and unmasked, we highly recommend that you take a look at his responses. It just might inspire you! Click the link above to read the full-feature.

Robert Passal Haute Hamptions Collection

How to Re-Paint Your Wood Vanity with Lacquer

Often times, homeowners are fond of the style of their vanity but the color may be showing signs of aging. Normal wear and tear could be causing you to consider an update or it could just be time for a change! Lacquer has a distinguished finish that will gleam of elegance to your bathroom vanity. Best of all, this is cost-effective method to update your bathroom!

Thetford Single Vanity

Thetford Single Vanity

Although this is a simple project that can be achieved by your average DIY’er, repainting using lacquer is a bit different than paint. We invite you to check out our previous post that has all of the information you’ll need to get started on re-painting your wood bathroom vanity! Here you’ll find the answers to all of your questions and find a bright new way to rejuvenate your bathroom. You can find this article by clicking on the title link to this section!

Organize Makeup in Your Bathroom with these 5 Tricks

Now this next post was written especially for all of the gorgeous women out there who can’t seem to find the right place for all of their cosmetic supplies! Having trouble locating that special shade of mascara? Grooming yourself doesn’t have to be this difficult. We found 5 Creative ideas that any girl can use to add some organization to her bathroom platform. There are some new products that you may want to check out as well as a beautiful DIY Magnetic Makeup Board that you can use! Get organized today by clicking on the title link above!

Magnetic Makeup Board

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