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RBS Man Arrested for Molestation and Sodomy of Local Youth

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

According to Ynet, a man from Bet Shemesh was recently arrested for molestation and sodomy of local youth. His remand was extended for 5 days. According to the report, the perp has admitted to the actions, but claims they were consensual. Personally, I have no idea what consensual means when it involves underage children (which it does).
Magen was involved in the case, and it involves a man from the anglo saxon community in RBS. Magen advises parents to open a discussion with their kids about the matter and personal safety in the future. Those needing advice how to best do this should call Magen (9999.678 and 050 8489001).
The police/courts have not yet released the name for publication, so I cannot publish it at this point. If you happen to know that information, do not post it in the comments - I will have to delete it.
To remind you, Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz made an instructional video a while back to guide parents through such a discussion. It might be appropriate to watch now, if you have not yet:

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