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Rather Frightening Facts About This Trump Presidency

Posted on the 19 August 2017 by Morage @kebmebms

I was especially struck by an article today in The Atlantic.
Rather Frightening Facts About This Trump Presidency

Donald Trump Is a Lame-Duck President

There are some things about this that need to be pointed out.
First, I and a lot of people out here think this is true, unequivocally.
Second, that he is or is considered to be a "lame duck" President in not only his first term but in the first seven months of his presidency is incredible. It's stunning. It is, again, as so much of his presidency, unprecedented. Not only has this never happened before to a president at any time in his presidency but it's stunning it has become so and yet more stunning because he's done this to himself. His own actions and words and miscalculations have brought this upon him.
Third, it may well be good because his judgment is so poor on so many topics facing the nation but...
It's bad for the nation because he's not leading, he's not governing. He's not doing nor is he now able to do those things for which he was put into office. This is just one indication of what the nation can expect with this being true.
It's bad news for stocks  if Trump is now a lame duck
Lots of us warned about a President Trump.  Lots of us warned last year. Lots of those who did warn were Republicans, too. 
Now it's become true and those "chickens have come home to roost", so to speak.
We warned of a Trump presidency. We feared it. Now our fears have come true. Here are, already, some of the things that have been written and said about our nation, due to this man and his presidency.

The G20 proves it. The world no longer 

looks to America for leadership

Gergen: Trump no longer seen 

as world leader at G20

Because of Trump, 

U.S. No Longer World's Most Powerful Country

U.S. Has 'Resigned' As 

Leader Of Free World, Says Fareed Zakaria

Even people in his own political party are questioning him, if not out and out against him.

GOP senator questions Donald Trump's 

stability, competence

2 GOP senators question Trump's competence

Trump Comments on Race Open Breach 

With CEOs, Military and GOP

Lindsey Graham: 

'Half of what Trump does is not OK

McCain threatens to block 

Trump's Pentagon nominee

We now fear for our nation, for our nation's strength, our nation's future.

Washington Post Gloats: Trump is Lame Duck President

Why a Lame-Duck Trump Is Even More Dangerous 

Mark this date: Donald Trump is now a lame-duck president

Donald Trump Is Already a Lame Duck

Trump Disbands Manufacturing And Business Advisory Councils

Amid wave of defections, Trump's business, jobs councils disband

Trump shuts down CEO advisory councils

Now charities are dumping Trump, too

16 Charities Have Cancelled Fundraisers At Mar-A-Lago

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