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Random Thoughts on Random Words By Rajeev Moothedath #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
Random Thoughts on Random Words By Rajeev Moothedath is a very steady collection of some wonderful thoughts on 26 words chosen  in an alphabetical order as a part of BlogchatterA2Z 2021 challenge in April. Suppose, I was given a word 'Ability' to express my thoughts on it, I would have not been able to express it so well as I found it in this book. I was wondering if there is any mechanism to measure the gap between the actual ability a person posses within himself or herself and ability he is she is able to show to this world. I think it happens with everybody with the gap remaining always positive which means most of the persons are not able to attain according to their abilities. The day a person is able to identify his exact inventory of abilities, sky would be the limit for that person.
Random Thoughts on Random Words By Rajeev Moothedath #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview
These 26 words have been chosen in a very aimed manner. Each topic has been closed in a very systematic way. "Each of us has our own unique strengths and abilities. These are to be developed and strengthened. Administering the wrong tests can undermine the confidence and create self doubts in people. Giving a test to know the ability of Virat Kohli to play the Veena or one to test the cricketing skills of his actor wife may sound stupid. Yet we tend to do just that giving some general tests like IQ across the board. We now know these tests focus on some types of intelligence (Logical mathematical, linguistic) and leave out others like interpersonal , intra-personal,  musical, spatial etc." What a fantastic closure of his article on 'Ability'! Being an HR person from the corporate world some topics are very close to his profession.
Random Thoughts on Random Words By Rajeev Moothedath #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview
Writing a book like Random Thoughts on Random Words By Rajeev Moothedath is a real art. It's a work of a lot of concentration and passion. Though all articles are quite interesting, some of the topics like 'Death', 'Ego Talk', 'Motherhood', and 'Love' are very special. In many of the articles, you will find beautiful poetry that is another expertise of the author. Some of the titles are such that a complete book can be written on each one of them. 'Tribute To A Legend' is another classical article. I gained a good amount of knowledge from the article 'Utopia'. For his excellent pieces of poetry, you need to read these articles - specifically - 'Wedding', 'Tribute To A Legend', 'Social Media', 'Pet', 'News', 'Love', 'Jokes - Fun, Laughter', 'India - My Country', 'Fast Food', and 'Death'.
Two things are quite significant that I noticed in this book. One, Author's passion and expertise in poetry writing. Two, the versatility of titles chosen and each piece written so beautifully. So, don't wait, grab the book and enjoy reading it. It's very different from the regular ones and thus more enjoyable to read. This non - fiction can easily find a place in your library as you can pick the book and read any of its topic randomly. That's of the beauty of Random Thoughts on Random Words By Rajeev Moothedath. 
You can download the book here.

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