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Rand Paul: “I Have a Bill in Congress That Says We Should Read the Bills Before We Pass Them”

Posted on the 25 October 2013 by Adask

The reason we vote to elect one man or another to Congress is that we believe that our particular candidate has a system of values pretty much like our own.  Therefore, when our candidate is in Congress and a new law is proposed, he will vote for or against that law just like we would because his system of values is just like ours.

However, if your candidate doesn’t even read the bills he votes for or against, what difference does his system of values make?  We could just as easily vote in a child molester, a serial killer or a chimpanzee.  Their system of values makes no difference if they don’t read the laws they vote for or against.

More, if your congressman doesn’t read the laws he votes for or against, how does he know how to vote?  Because he doesn’t actually read the bills, he’s not making up his own mind, so who does?  Who tells your congressman or senator whether to vote for or against a particular bill?  The Psychic Hotline?  The Daily Horoscope?  Voices in his head?  Or could it be some particularly powerful individual or institution in Congress?

Whoever tells your congressman how to vote, it’s not you or me or the people of your district.  Whoever tells your congressman how to vote on legislation he has not even read is the person or entity that your congressman truly represents in the Congress.

A congressman who votes on bills he hasn’t even read is controlled by some entity other than himself who does his thinking for him.

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