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Radiation Levels Rising Again at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Record radiation levels are now being detected at the Fukushima nuclear plant that was devastated by the tsunami in March last year.  Radiation levels above radioactive water in the basement of the Number 1 reactor reached up to 10,300 millisievert an hour, a dose that will kill humans within a short time after making them sick within minutes. While the region is still under a strict curfew, we are now approaching the typhoon season and the risk of earthquakes in Japan always exists. Right now they should be on alert, because the astrology over the next few days and months is more than a little worrying.

FukushimaExplosion transits

The transit chart above is set for the moment of the first explosion at the Fukushima plant after the Tsunami had hit and in the next couple of days, transiting is going to make a exact opposition to natal Uranus, always a risky and dangerous aspect as we have the potential for shocking action of some kind. What makes this more worrying is that mars will also square the Nodal axis which does bring potential for out of the blue events. Maybe the opposing presence of Mars “is heating up” those nuclear rods to such an extent that the radiation levels are flourishing? I am no scientific expert, but Mars’ force and energy does and can have a significant effect.

One more Mars aspect to notice is an inconjunct between the planet of action and Neptune which will be exact just before Mars moves into Libra on 3rd July. Neptune rules all types of noxious gases as well as water and potential weather events like typhoons and hurricanes. All seems calm on the weather front in the next few days as Mars makes it’s inconjunct aspect, so the next date to watch out for will be 23rd August as Mars makes a trine to Neptune as well as the start of October when transiting Saturn will be making a trine and Mars will make a square, while at the same time Saturn will make an inconjunct to Uranus and Mars will make an trine. This time to my eyes looks quite risky as the nodal axis will also be square to Neptune which through Pisces rules the nuclear 8th house.

FukushimaExplosion transits 2

Transiting Pluto is also moving backwards now to twice more revisit it’s position on the day of the explosion at 7:18 Capricorn. This is a dangerous spot as it will also activate the triple square to Uranus/Mercury and Jupiter which was formed on 12th March 2011. The significant dates to watch out for are 11th August for the next retrograde connection and 25th October for Pluto’s last hit to this degree point, although Pluto will be in range for much of the next 5 months to come. The same goes for Uranus which will exactly square this degree point on 10th September in retrograde and make a final aspect on 8th March 2013.

In truth, I can’t see the danger level reducing for quite a time to come and the environmental damage to a whole region of Japan as well as the sea around the coast is yet unquantifiable. The worry is that the Japanese will underestimate the seriousness of the whole situation. Right now for 37 degrees North, the latitude of Fukushima, Neptune is currently rising with the fixed star Mirach which Brady says leads to “a period when there is a false sense of security”. In this case, let’s hope the weather and earthquakes can stay away in the next months so that the Japanese can find some solution to make the reactor plant somewhat safe, otherwise that false hope which this connection indicates could precede a more shocking outcome.

My thanks to Sherri who has been badgering me to do a post on this issue for some while…

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