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Racial Attacks in France as Police Hunt a Gunman on a Scooter.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Shocking events in France today as a lone gunman on a scooter has hit 3 times in the past week all at racial targets. These incidents including the shooting of a Rabbi and his 6 and 3 year old children has shocked France to the core and has initiated a huge manhunt to catch the killer who also shot 3 Muslin and Caribbean soldiers with the same gun and riding the same motorised scooter.

France transits

On the above transits chart we have the transiting chart ruler Saturn conjunct faith based Neptune in the 8th house of national death and mourning also opposing natal Saturn which sits in the 3rd house of local transport. We also have transiting Pluto which rules the Midheaven square to social Venus also in the 8th house. Transiting Neptune the planet of suffering is square to the natal Moon representing the people of France and transiting Uranus is almost exactly trine to the Moon; these attack will reverberate nationally. Notice the the trine, normally seen as an easy aspect, facilitates the shocking nature of the events. I also think that Venus which quindeciles to natal Mars and the Midheaven is part of the picture. The planet of relating in this chart also through Libra is intercepted in the 8th house of death as well as making a focused link to the natal Mars. These are forceful events linked to how the gunman relates to race. Natal Mars sits (just) into the 9th house of foreigners.

Going a little deeper transiting Mars (part of the larger  grand earth trine still in operation) is sitting at 8 degrees Virgo, just 0.01 degrees from exact from the Uranus/North Node midpoint and 0.07 degrees square to the Pluto/North Node midpoint, obviously a very sensitive and dangerous point on the natal French chart. The transiting North Node is also at a difficult point, sitting 1 degree from the Sun/Pluto midpoint and the Pluto/North node midpoint. Transiting Saturn sits at the Sun/Mars midpoint conjunct natal Neptune completing a very violent picture.

Back in my March planetary review I mentioned that some scandal may unexpected may completely upset the electoral race in France. With Nicolas Sarkozy suspending his Presidential campaign for now in the light of the serial killer on the loose, that prediction is now coming true in a most frightening way.

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