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Quote of the Day -- On These Presidential Candidates

Posted on the 10 October 2020 by Morage @kebmebms

I'm going there.
We're three weeks out from saving our Democracy. Our Social Security. Our health care. Our freedom of speech. Our peace of mind, spirit and body. We're three weeks out from either voting for probably the most despicable display of a human I've ever witnessed. Trump or a true American who wants to and has  saved this country from catastrophe.
Trump, a "man," and using that description very loosely, who has filed bankruptcy six times. Who has had three marriages. Who is a cheater. A serial liar. A conman. A racist. A misogynist. Truly, a despicable human being. Could not care less about you. His word. His promises. Think about it. What promises has he kept?
And, somehow, this disgusting, vile person got in our White House. Additionally, he is sabotaging and killing the very core and spirit of this country. He has promoted white supremacy and is the leader and head of that gang. He gives them the green light to forge ahead by telling them to "stand by." He has called Latinos "rapists and killers and thieves."
He is the lowest form of any example of a good human.
He holds rallies while sick, not caring how that may affect his supporters but cares only about the attention and acollades these ridiculous, blinded followers still throw his way. It's truly astounding.
All that said, Joe Biden is a good man. He's a good human. He would not have been my first choice for the Democratic Party nomination but he's a good man. And he knows how to govern this country. He will hold us up, united. He will fold us back in with our allies. He and President Obama saved this country from a very trying time when we were facing a recession which would have devastated this country. They turned it around and saved this country. Whether you like Biden or not, that is a fact. Trump was given the gift of that good, strong economy from Biden/Obama. That is a fact.
If you value your Social Security. If you value your preexisting conditions. If you value your family. If you value this country and its unity and truly becoming the truly "united" states once again ... there is only one choice.

Quote of the Day -- On These Presidential Candidates
--Hilary De Witt

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