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Quickie Review: White Musk Libertine Eau De Toilette

By Pu Niao Riih @PuNiaoPuNiao
Quickie Review: White Musk Libertine Eau De Toilette
White Musk Libertine feat. Bun & Skip

Q: So tell us, what's the notes for this particular Eau De Toilette? A: It's is a fragrance with vegetable musk note in the top, middle and the base note. The composition also includes Turkish delight (rose, almond, honey) and whipped cream. We just love vegetables also, it is so healthy and hearty for small furry folks like us ❤❤
Q: What does this Eau De Toilette reminds you of? A: *sniffs* It smells like Burberry Brit EDT's younger, and much more shy sibling and a little bit sweet~
Q: How long does the Eau De Toilette lasts after spraying? A: The scent is strong at first, smoky and heavy with a rose scent at the beginning, but then slowly dries down to a cozy sweet musk of cream and honey that lasts quite long ❤❤❤ Omigosh!! Sweet cream and honey!!
Q: Is this Eau De Toilette good for the climate in Singapore? A: As woodland creatures, we know the 4 seasons very well. We even know where to gather berries and nuts when winter is nearing. During winter, this scent seems to be only just a pleasant light sweet musk, nothing too heavy-headed. But now that it's getting really warm recently, we can smell every single note! And this is the first time we noticed how soft, sweet and creamy it smells. ❤❤ Definitely a must-have for months when the weather is slightly warmer.
Q: How would you rate this Eau De Toilette as a whole? A: This is a really versatile scent no matter the scenario, weather or location. Reminds us of running freely in the woods, dreaming of cream and honey ❤❤❤
Q: How many points would you guys rate this Eau De Toilette, out of say, 100 points? A: 90 points!!! We love the cream and honey ❤❤
~ The End ~

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