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Questions the Defenders of the Grifter Richard Mack Should Answer

Posted on the 27 February 2015 by Mikeb302000
In the recent brilliant post about the Grifter Richard Mack, I brought you the oh-so sad story of yet another gunloon and rightwing whackjob fallen on hard times.

Questions the Defenders of the Grifter Richard Mack Should Answer

Hopefully Dead Soon

Of course, this brought out the usual cast of gunloons willing and eager to support anyone who is a gun fanatic and white supremacist.  My morality and humanity was questioned.  My patriotism impugned.  So many false premises and arguments.
Defenders of the Grifter Richard Mack really have to ask the following questions:
1. We get the Grifter Richard Mack doesn't like a black President and is opposed to anything the President favors.  OK.  So, this prevented him from getting healthcare insurance how?  He wants nothing to do with ACA--fine.  But he's getting to that age where medical problems are more, rather than less, frequent.
2.  His crowdfunding effort is very, very likely to leave him hundreds of thousands bucks short (Great News!).  Given the unhappy thought the Grifter Richard Mack survives--there will surely be more medical problems and bills down the line.  How often do you think the Grifter Richard Mack can go to the crowdfunding well?
3. Given the fact his crowdfunding effort will largely fail--and the fact he won't be denied medical care--how do you feel about having to pay more for medical care because the Grifter Richard Mack opted to make you a donor to his cause?

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