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Queen Tiye

By Egyking
This fragment of relief, showing the profile of Queen Tiye, comes from one of the walls of tomb of the 'chief of the royal harem' Userhat (TT47), one of the tombs of the Nobles at Thebes. It was purchased at a public sale in Paris by Jean Capart in 1905.
The portrait of the wife of Amenhotep III was made in a very traditional but highly refined style. Her natural hair, a lock of which appears between her ear and eyebrow, is covered by a tripartite wig. Only the lower part of the traditional crown of queens is preserved.
Queen Tiye
Her diadem is decorated at front with two protective uraei representing Upper Egpyt and Lower Egypt, and at the rear with a falcon in place of the more usual vulture. In her hand Tiye holds a lotus.

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