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Quarter of British Adults Want a More ‘inventive’ Sex Life

Posted on the 09 February 2015 by 72point @72hub

Thousands of Brits aren’t satisfied with their partner’s sexual prowess, new research has shown – as four in ten confess they no longer feel a spark in the bedroom.

A nationwide survey asked 2,000 adults about their sex lives and found over a quarter wish their partner would be more inventive between the sheets in order to reignite their relationship.

Sex was shown to be a low priority for almost half who said they would rather get some extra sleep than attempt a late night of passion.

And revealingly, 30 per cent of the adults said they’ve already had the best sex of their lives – but it was with a previous partner.

A spokesperson for Holland & Barrett, who commissioned the study on behalf of its Horny Goatweed product said, “Sex drive can dwindle over time, but there are lots of ways to get in the mood.

‘’That could mean more physical contact or communication with your partner, or even trying certain natural remedies to help you back into the sack.

‘’How we express our desire for another person can be very reflective of personality, so try and have some fun with it.

‘’It shouldn’t be something to shy away from as it could bring you closer in the long run.”

The research also found the average adult to have had six sexual partners – and has the most sexual fun in their twenties and thirties.

A third of people regularly make excuses to avoid sex with their partner; some of the stranger ones being ‘I’ve been stung by a bee’ and ‘the dog is too ill’.

Other ways adults admitted to spicing up their sex lives included buying sex toys, watching adult movies with their partner and filming themselves on a smart phone.

But it’s the little things that count for almost half, who said just cuddling up on the sofa would get them in the mood for fun between the sheets.

The study went on to reveal a surprising variety of phrases to be used between partners when describing the act of love.

Amazingly, the sentimental term ‘making love’ proved most popular, beating its garish counterparts.

Usually uttered by embarrassing grandparents, the phrases ‘slap and tickle’, ‘rumpy pumpy’ and ‘a bit of how’s your father’ were shown to still be surprisingly popular.

A range of old-fashioned phrases such as ‘nookie’ and ‘hanky panky’ were also shown to be more common among the over 40s.

Whilst for the younger generation, the expressions ‘get lucky’, ‘getting freaky’ and ‘getting jiggy’ appeared on the list – all associated with well-known songs.

Cheekier, more comedic terms such as ‘hump’, ‘bonk’ and ‘bump uglies’ also appeared in the study.

Widely spoken by students or lads hitting the town at the weekend, the more brash sayings included in the list were ‘get laid’ or ‘get action’.

It seemed that some may need the phrases more than others – 16 per cent of the adults polled said they think about sex ‘all the time’.

The spokesperson said, ‘’However you refer to it, spicing things up with your partner is very important.

‘’Rather than getting stuck in a stale routine, looking at other libido-enhancing options could be the key to keeping the passion alive.’’


1.  Making love

2.  Get laid

3.  Get it on

4.  Hump

5.  Get some action

6.  Get lucky

7.  Snuggles

8.  Getting jiggy

9.  Doing the deed

10.  Hanky panky



1.  Making love

2.  Nookie

3.  Bonk

4.  Hanky panky

5.  Rumpy pumpy

6.  Get laid

7.  Slap and tickle

8.  Hump

9.  A bit of how’s your father

10.  Get lucky


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