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QPR Guess the Score. Q(uick) P(oints) R(equired) for Sunderland

By Colin Randall @salutsunderland
QPR Guess the Score. Q(uick) P(oints) R(equired) for Sunderland

Here’s one made earlier …

Of course, Monsieur Salut has no intimate knowledge of the QPR manager’s feelings ahead of Saturday’s game at the Stadium of Light. But if someone calling himself Ian or Holloway, from west London, plumps for an away win in the comments below, you’ll know soon enough.

This, we imagine, is how Holloway’s team talk will go:

Right Lads, this is your golden opportunity for a first away win of the season. They’re a soft touch, haven’t won at home since last December and can neither defend nor score.

All you have to do is get the ball down either flank, skip past any challenge that comes along and get a cross in. Doesn’t have to be that great but their lot will just stand back and watch while one of you jumps – take as along as you want – to head it in.

At the other end, just frustrate them, don’t let Vaughan knock you about too much and you’ll be fine. And from the off, anyone who finds himself anywhere near Cattermole should go down screaming in agony. An early booking and he’s done.

If all else fails, I’ll send on young Reece Grego-Cox and see if he can add to the three he got for Ireland Under 21s against Israel during the week.

That’s the script as it might be seen from Loftus Road.

We can but hope that the draw at Preston North End, wasteful though many feel it was, has at last given the players a bit of confidence. It’s not their fault they’re mostly bargain-basement players who can only do so much to compete against other Championship sides, but a bit of self-belief and never-say-die spirit could transform the results they’re able to grind out.

The usual competition, the usual rules. Be first to post the correct score and have a UK delivery address and the star prize, or rather a suitably designed mug, is yours. The good news if we finally got round to ordering those owed to previous winners – they should have them by now.

QPR fans are warmly invited to enter. Our suppliers don’t offer a dedicated mug for their team but we busk it with a customised design.

The new rule applies: whatever score our Who are You? interviewee predicts is deemed the valid entry for that scoreline. We’ll add it as soon as it reaches us. Monsieur Salut’s decision, as ever, shall be final.

Ha’way the Lads

QPR Guess the Score. Q(uick) P(oints) R(equired) for Sunderland

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