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PureVPN Review: Is It the Most Reliable VPN Service in the Market?

Posted on the 05 December 2017 by Rahulthepcl

PureVPN is nothing but a VPN service that was brought into the news in the year 2007 in the Hong Kong. It is impossible to talk about the review scheme without discussing everything about the VPN service.
PureVPN is nothing but a complete paid service that aims somewhat at being dishonest. It, sometimes, drags down a little and forgets to save the logs related to the services. Also, it has been recently found out that PureVPN is a service aimed at providing results to the users.
One thing to note about PureVPN is that it sometimes turns out to be a little slow and also there are some problems when it comes to security.

PureVPN Review: Is It the Most Reliable VPN Service in the Market?

Some servers are located all over the world and to get into one of it to extract the Domain Name System is quite a tough job. There are also options available to enable the leak protection that is associated with DNS.

The Basic Highlights

The essential features that See also: - PureVPN has to offer are endless.
To talk about the facilities, it provides in 141 countries and the number of servers which are more than force 750 all across the globe. So, one will never have to worry about a server that is present near you.
Next is the simultaneous and the continuous connections which allow a maximum protection and allows connecting more than 5 or 6 devices all at once. This feature has been a new enhancement and has helped a lot get over the traffic that is suffered while maintaining a connection.
The third is the security which is very useful to protect the networks of the WiFi automatically without having to pay a lot of attention to it.
24*7 live chat is another advantage that tags along with PureVPN as it allows a live chat facility the entire day and the entire night. How to Choose VPN?

The Details of Price & Plans

The structure of the pricing related to PureVPN has been through and streamlined and has maintained its legacy for the past few years.
The subscription plan coming for pure VPN fits all sizes and offers a simple subscription with a very feasible amount. The total amount concerned with the subscription plan is $10.95 every month.
However, a purchase for a very bulk time there are reductions available for the same. If you get yourself a subscription plan for 2 years, then all you have to pay every month is $2.95.
There are no free trials available for the purpose, but pure VPN makes sure the money back guarantee is insured if the customer is not satisfied with the 7-day offer. These steps are to be looked forward to if and only if you are ready to maintain a high and extreme security for yourself.
The customers who wish to use this feature can also go through the 3-day trial policy available for PureVPN. However, when making use of this feature the $2.50 will be non-refundable at any cost.
The different modes of payment for the purpose will be entirely depending on the type of selection the users make. PureVPN will be available to accept and exchange cryptocurrencies as well.
The different modes of payment include credit cards debit cards, Alipay, and various gift cards available for the future. There are also options for one and all to make the payments anonymously without having to disclose your identity to anyone.
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The Features

To highlight the features available for few PureVPN have already been discussed but here is a little more detail about the features that pure VPN has to offer.
The first and the most important feature talks about the different 750+ server those are available across half of the globe. Another advantage in the facility that pureVPN offers is the simultaneous and continuous connections of more than 5 Network at once.
The tunneling protocol that PureVPN offers is yet another thing worth mentioning. The security of the WiFi and the dedicated IP address adds a spotlight to its features.

The Security of WiFi

This has been a recent offer that is served by most of the VPN services these days. This feature is triggered once the device it's connected to a WiFi network which is very insecure. This is when the VPN triggers. This future brings forward the protection from the hackers when one is using the available public WiFi Hotspots.
This feature has turned out to be one of the most efficient and the most talked about features of the VPN services. So far, it has been essential to keep an eye on the security, and it is not always possible to invigilate everything at once. This can sometimes be hard but eventually turns out to be one of the most useful features to track the hackers and keep an account of them.

Let's discuss a bit about its Privacy

Another most talked about thing about PureVPN is Privacy. It claims do not keep any logs at all. They witness the fact that there are no monitors that track the user activities and neither any monitor is keeping the loss of the same.
In this manner, it becomes complicated to identify what software the user has used, what are the different websites that have been a part of, what are the different contents that have been downloaded, as well as the various apps that have been used after any connections have been made with the service.
In General, pure VPN keeps a very fair amount of connections as well as the meta data logs. It ensures that things are always held on the safer side more than they are returned safe zone. This turns out to not be a very high or significant kind of concern to the most people using this platform, but it opens up all the possibilities that are available to ensure the end to end timings.

Secure or Not?

This is one of the most striking features that what could think of. The most primary thing that uses looks for when they are talking about VPN services are secure. To have one is very important to have command over the competence that exists over the technical regions.
Sometimes, encryption of OpenVPN is used. There different ciphers and encryptions of handshakes that are used while one makes or abruptly disconnect the sessions of charts. It, therefore, becomes a tough job to understand which of the genuinely available encryption features have been used to control as well as to take care of the data channels. There I also perfect secrecy net I look forward into while implementing this secure system.

The Final Verdict

The overall impact of PureVPN so far sounds good. There is more to claim on this platform. When it comes to the different highlighting features that it has to offer, PureVPN gives a tough competition to the other available VPN services.

Hence, according to the users have positively been a part of this running platform, PureVPN is known to serve justice to one and all when the topic shifts to claiming and being the best VPN services that have ever been built. Therefore, this service is worth a shot.

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