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Pure Beauty Awards Recognise Opatra London Advanced Skincare Technologies for CleanLift Device

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

The annual Pure Beauty Awards in 2020 took place behind closed doors due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but were broadcast online, virtually bringing together the most exciting and innovative new beauty products available to the British market.

Opatra London was proud to receive a 'Gold' award for its CleanLift device and a nomination for its Lux Brush. CleanLift is one of the newest products to enter the Opatra London range of quality skincare products, all of which use advanced skincare technologies.

How CleanLift Works

The CleanLift device works in two stages to remove impurities and revitalize the skin, leaving the face looking and feeling fresher and younger.

The device features an ultrasonic exfoliator, taking cleansing to the next level. The exfoliator gently but thoroughly removes all dirt and impurities from the facial skin, including whiteheads and blackheads, opening the pores and enabling better results from subsequent application of serums and moisturisers.

Ultrasonic vibrations remove dead skin cells and push out particles of dirt when operating in 'Clean' mode. When switching to 'Lift' mode, the device begins to gently stimulate blood circulation, leaving the face smoother and silkier, with a 24K gold-plated spatula for an ultra-luxurious touch.

How the Lux Brush Works

The Lux Brush gives to hair what the CleanLift gives to skin - a revitalized, healthier feel and appearance generated using the latest technology.

The Lux Brush features both Red and Blue LED Light Therapy, which increase circulation to the scalp and follicles, eliminate bacteria, and limit breakage for thicker, healthier hair.

The brush also features a stimulating Massage Therapy option, which not only leaves the user feeling relaxed but also helps to promote circulation.

About Opatra London

Opatra London is a British skincare brand renowned for its comprehensive range of top-quality luxury products, harnessing the latest technologies and premium ingredients. The pioneering skincare products and devices developed by Opatra London allow for professional standard treatments that can be used at home and have been adopted by many leading skincare experts.

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