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Pure and Natural Organic Skin Care for Brides to Be!

By Claire

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About Prima Pure skin care by Perdita xx

Here at Perdita’s we had heard of the con­nec­tions to can­cer and pre­ma­ture skin aging with parabens and other ingre­di­ents found in skin­care prod­ucts on the mar­ket today and wanted to cre­ate a high qual­ity range of organic skin and hair care prod­ucts. The prob­lem was we wouldn’t com­pro­mise on qual­ity and wanted our prod­ucts to match the stan­dard found in pre­mium organic prod­ucts on the mar­ket today but with­out the high price tag. They also had to be totally nat­ural with­out parabens and sul­phates, so strictly no nas­ties. It has been a long process and after test­ing lots of prod­ucts, nego­ti­at­ing hard and being dis­ap­pointed time and time again we finally found a range that worked and we were proud to put our name to and thus Prima Pure was born.

Brides’ skin care regime

Every­one wants amaz­ing clear skin on their wed­ding day, no one wants to look at their wed­ding pho­tos and see spots and dark cir­cles. Start­ing your skin care regime 6 months before your big day will ensure you have the best chance of a stun­ning complexion.

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Now is also the time to start a good skin care rou­tine by using organic paraben and sul­phate free prod­ucts which actu­ally work. It is impor­tant to use paraben free prod­ucts as one such paraben called methyl­paraben which is com­monly used in many high street prod­ucts has been linked to pre­ma­ture age­ing of the skin, which you def­i­nitely don’t want before your wed­ding day. Parabens are found in many every day prod­ucts we use, such as creams, deodor­ants, hair care and clean­ing prod­ucts and are used as a preser­v­a­tive. When using paraben free prod­ucts the creams are made fresh so there is no need for these parabens.

Count Down

6 months to go: If at all pos­si­ble either elim­i­nate or cut down drink­ing alco­hol, smok­ing and sun expo­sure as all these fac­tors add to the aging process and give you more lines and dark cir­cles than you want, your skin will improve within a month and you’ll notice a big difference.

Now is the time to start your organic skin care rou­tine. A gen­tle cleanser, toner and mois­turiser will hydrate your skin. Avoid dry­ing soaps or astrin­gents with chem­i­cals as dehy­dra­tion breeds fine lines and dulls the com­plex­ion. Try and incor­po­rate serums as well as they are really amaz­ing at mak­ing your skin feel soft and sup­ple and when used under your mois­turiser they pen­e­trate deep within the skin for max­i­mum per­for­mance. Eye cream with anti-aging argan oil, dark cir­cle reduc­ing arnica oil and retinol will brighten the eye area and make them look younger and fresher.

So remem­ber, Cleanse, Tone, Serum then Mois­turise add eye cream to com­bat dark cir­cles and fine lines.

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3 months to go: Lovely wed­ding day skin free from blem­ishes and dull­ness needs reg­u­lar exfo­li­a­tion. It is so impor­tant to exfo­li­ate to get rid of the out­er­most layer of skin to reveal radi­ant new skin and speed up cell renewal. If you are 30 + then do use prod­ucts which con­tain retinol as they stim­u­late and boost col­la­gen growth.

Prima Pure has a face scrub smoothie designed with total indul­gence in mind. Silky smooth, mois­tur­is­ing and smell great, they are packed with a nat­ural mild exfo­liant, and are infused with nat­ural fruit extracts that smell so good, you will look for­ward to using it time and time again. With Ori­en­tal Lotus & Rose.

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Gor­geous skin starts on the inside, so as well as a good skin care rou­tine, eat­ing berries which are loaded with vit­a­mins, min­er­als and antiox­i­dants will actu­ally slow down the age­ing process. Daily Multi-vitamin will also boost the skins func­tions and sup­ple­ments like omega fatty acids, and pro­bi­otics help to keep your skin and immune sys­tem healthy. Fresh fruit is a must espe­cially dark skinned grapes as they con­tain more than 20 age-defying antiox­i­dants. Anti-aging cit­rus fruits and can­taloupe also con­tain skin-enhancing vit­a­mins and last but not least drink plenty of water, I find this part bor­ing but necessary.

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2 months to go: Your feet need love too so treat them to some much needed exfo­li­a­tion and mois­ture. There is no need to buy spe­cial foot treat­ments as your facial one will work bet­ter. Our honey clay facial mask can be used on your feet to smooth and soften skin so they look fab­u­lous in your beau­ti­ful wed­ding shoes. I have used this before going on hol­i­day, a bit messy but worth it. After rins­ing off the mask apply a rich mois­ture cream and if you can wear a pair of socks overnight then in the morn­ing your feet will be super soft. If pos­si­ble get your pedi­cure done at a salon at least a few days before your wed­ding, so book the appoint­ment now. When done pro­fes­sion­ally it should last thor­ough your hon­ey­moon too.

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2 weeks and count­ing: Pam­per, Pam­per and more Pam­per­ing. You have planned, pre­pared, pan­icked a lit­tle and stressed a lot but now every­thing should be well on its way to being per­fect for your big day. It’s time to pam­per the bride so book your­self and friend (or treat your mum) into a spa for a day and relax. Have a won­der­ful mas­sage, facial and sauna to remove impu­ri­ties, it will leave both body and mind in tip top con­di­tion. Don’t for­get to have your eye­brows pro­fes­sion­ally shaped it will open up your eyes mak­ing them look instantly younger.

The Big Day! The day you have been dream­ing about since you were a lit­tle girl has finally arrived, you’re plumped, preened, smoothed, buffed, bronzed and mois­turised and are now ready for any­thing. Relax in a lovely bath with a honey face mask which will calm your skin then thor­oughly cleanse tone and mois­turise your face before hav­ing your hair and make-up done. You’re now gor­geous and ready to meet the man of your dreams xx

All Prima Pure prod­ucts can be found on Perdita’s web­site at and all orders receive free sam­ples of other prod­ucts too.

Prima Pure own web­site due to open soon.

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