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Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

By Sue Lau @zzazzazza

The puffy herb omelet with chevre is cross between a French soufflé and a traditional omelet and combines light fluffy eggs with fresh herbs and cheese.

Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

My recipe of the day is for a puffy herb omelet with chevre, also known as a souffle omelet.

Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

This month Fantastical Food Fight draws down to our next to last event, as Sarah goes back to school to pursue her masters. Obviously this takes up a lot of time especially as concerns the thesis, from research to writing to consulting with one's advisor.

Sarah will be off to bigger and better things. Hopefully some of those things in the future will be a return to our little group, but for now it has to be put on hold. Next month will be the final event.

Someday, We'll Blog Together Again

It's been a joy playing along as I have time and look forward to another time when we may once again play in the kitchen with these fantastical themes.

I am Slow-Pokin' Today-Absolute Molasses!

I am a little late getting into the event this month, as my post wasn't even getting in order until this morning. Sidsel was also late, but we tend to think alike- and not only are late, but seemed to decide on the puffy omelet at the last minute as well. You will see her link mixed in with the others. The great part about it is that we show you two different methods to do this, and of course, different flavors.

Another Late Thing?

My bread recipe from yesterday is also late. Back spasms. It gives me fits. Trying to find some way to sit in different chairs or stretched on the bed with a heating pad propped up back there is a struggle. It's an ongoing problem I have and one that painkillers are not a viable solution for. Been there, did that, fortunately managed to get off before something worse occurred. There are very expensive solutions, but none I can afford or that my insurance will pay, since those are all experimental.

But enough talking about that misery. I am here to talk about food!

Fantastical Food Fight

Fantastical Food Fight is a monthly blogging group hosted by Sarah Ellis. Each month we blog recipes on a common theme. Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

A Blast from My Past

My omelet is one that always fascinated me as a child- I first read about these in a Betty Crocker cookbook. Did your mother have one?

My mom wasn't big on Julia Child or I probably would have read more. Even at that young and tender age I was reading cookbooks like novels, although for the most part my mom forbid me to use the stove and I did my thing on the sly.

Fortunately I didn't burn the house down.

Teach Your Children Well

I recommend that parents know when their child has culinary ambition and guide them in a chaperoned way. Besides, it gives you more quality time with your kids.

For this omelet, you will have to separate and whip the egg whites from room temperature eggs. This is a cinch in an electric mixer, not so much with a hand held, and near impossible by hand. Unless you enjoy torturing your arm.

Easy Peasy

Other than that, it goes together pretty much like a frittata, which are dead easy. So don't be a shrinking violet thinking these are as fussy as a cheese souffle (which aren't the horrors many say they are anyway).

Once your eggs are beaten into glossy peaks in a DRY mixer bowl, whisk your egg yolks with small crumbles of cheese, the herbs and seasonings. Gently fold in half the whites and give that a mix. Point being the wetness of the yolk mix is deflating. You'll deflate half this way but ensure you don't have a bit of yolk hiding in the bottom of the bowl. As when you fold in the second half it should still have some volume.

Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

This light mixture is spread into an oven-safe skillet (read: one that has no handles that will melt) sprayed with nonstick or a light coat of butter. Cook that over medium to low heat for five minutes, and do not space out and stir it.

Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

After five, lift the edge and if lightly brown, pop it into a 325F oven and bake for fifteen minutes. If you overbrowned the underside to start, cook it for less- the mark is when you can slip in a butter knife and remove it clean.

Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

When done, remove from oven and make a crease in the center pressing down your spatula, so you can fold it without breaking.

Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

Here you can see the light fluffy nature inside. One person can eat this but probably more like two if you have other things like sausage or toast. It is very high protein but also very light.

The texture is not the same as a regular omelet, and not quite like a souffle either. It is eggy, airy and puffy. I think you will enjoy.

Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

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Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

Puffy Herb Omelet with Chevre

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