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Pterodactyl Sighting -- Real Or Fake? The Prehistoric Animal Video of the Day!!!

By Petslady @petslady

I'm one of those people that would love to see a dinosaur in real life.  And there's reason for me to believe this is possible thanks to all of the Loch Ness/Chessie "sightings" that show up in the news every year.

But the creature in this video posted by Viscera1969 on June 29, 2008?  I'm not so sure I'm a believer...

Okay, granted that these are all still shots.  And granted that they look quite real.  But...

I seem to recall a movie entitled War Games (starring Mathew Broderick) in which this guy had a remote controlled pterodactyl kite...  And this looks mysteriously similar.  Great movie, by the way--even if its a little dated.

Still, I want to believe.

Anyone out there had any close encounters of the prehistoric kind?  Contact us!

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