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PS Vita Worst They Carve Record Sales in Japan

Posted on the 18 April 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u

PS Vita Worst They Carve Record Sales in Japan Sony has just carve out a record where sales of PS Vita facing its worst week in the history of sales in Japan. This graph shows the sales of these devices is very slow, estimated to represent the ugly game console sales for the industry as a whole. In March last, video game sales in America declined by 25%, including the largest decrease in the time when the popular game, Mass Effect has just been released. Not just in America, the worldwide sales dropped dramatically, almost suggests the existence of negative statistics in the last few weeks, but the PS Vita is the most worrisome. Known, that in a few weeks later, just as much as 8931 units of PS Vita sold in Japan. This number represents the smallest amount in the can by Sony since the release of the game console in Japan late last year. Furthermore, even in the top 20 best selling game titles in Japan, none of the title game of the PS Vita. Below are the number of sales (in units) game console sales in Japan compared with the previous week:
3DS: 72.115 (Last week: 121.921) 
PlayStation 3: 19.370 (23.771) 
PSP: 14.804 (18.356) 
Vita: 8931 (12.105) 
Wii: 7099 (9292) 
Xbox 360: 3.764 (1317) 
PlayStation 2: 1355 (1374) 
DSi XL : 793 (941) 
DSi: 743 (771)

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