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Proposed Law: State of Israel Flag Law

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
MK Oren Hazzan (Likud) seems to be on a crusade to add the name of Israel wherever he can...
A few months back Oren Hazzan passed a law that basically named the State "Israel", explaining that while the name had been declared as Israel, it was never solidified in law.
Now Hazzan has proposed a law, just passed by the Knesset, that adds the word "Israel" to a different law - the "State Flag, Emblem and Anthem Law" will now be called the "State of Israel Flag, Emblem, and Anthem Law".
Hazzan is proud to have introduced the first piece of legislation that actually bears the name of the state on it, thereby being the first law to actually say openly and publicly that this is the State of Israel - it is ours and we are here to stay.
source: The Jewish Press
This was a very important and critical law. Thank you Oren Hazzan for passing it.
Hazzan was very proud of his accomplishment and even used it to taunt the Arabs when he descended from the Knesset podium, saying "that's it, it is ours".
Sorry, Oren, but I think it is far more complicated and complex than that. The decades (or centuries) old conflict has not been resolved by adding the word "Israel" to the flag and emblem law. I wish it were so, but unfortunately it probably wont quite be resolved.
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