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Proposed Law: Indicted Prime Minister to Resign

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
MK Yoel Hasson (Hamachane Hatzioni) has proposed a law to counter the "Recommendations Law" being pushed by the coalition.  The Recommendations Law would somewhat protect an investigated Prime Minister by keeping the police from publicly recommending indictment. Hasson's proposal would force an indicted prime minister and other ministers to resign. The forced resignation would apply to any minister indicted for a crime whose prison sentence is 3 years or longer.
This law has been proposed before, in 2008, and at the time had been supported by a number of MKs who are today part of the ruling coalition and will ostensibly oppose it - including MKs from Shas and UTJ, MKs from Kulanu, MKs from the Likud and even Prime Minister Netanyahu himself had supported this law back in 2008.
Hasson says that allowing an indicted prime minister to continue in his position puts the country at risk as he deals with his personal matters and does not give the country enough of his attention. There might also be some conflict of interests involved, but worse is the possibility of a potential security problem for the country that might result in the pm dealing with his legal issues from his seat as prime minister.
source: Kol Hai News
obviously this proposal will not pass in today's government. Just as it was then, this is a classic opposition proposal..
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