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Proposed Law: Ben Shmona Esrei l'Chuppa - Marriage at 18 Years Old

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
This law proposal has been bouncing around for that past year and a half, but it looks like it finally might be on track to come to a conclusion.
MK Yariv Levin (Likud Beyteynu) proposed a law by which it will be illegal for anyone to marry under the age of 18. As of right now the law allows for people to marry at the age of 17, and the courts can give special permission to people younger who wish to get married, on a case by case basis. Marriage at a younger age without first obtaining permission form the courts is a criminal offense that can draw up to two years in prison.
According to the new law, the courts will only be able to give special permission for marriage to people 16 years old and older. Another factor in this law proposal is that the various relevant parties will all have to report to the Ministerial committee formed about enforcement of the law - the Justice Ministry will have to report how many requests for exceptions have been brought to the court, how many kids were given permission, why, how many were prosecuted for marrying without permission, etc.
The Ministerial committee has now approved the law for further readings, after it passed its initial reading in the previous Knesset.
MK Uri Maklev (UTJ) requested that the proposal add the Beis Din Hagadol as another valid court for granting permission for marriage at a younger age. Maklev also protested the law saying it hurts the communities that customarily have their youth marry at a young age (specifically Breslav).
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