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Proper Prevention of Forest Fires and the Ability to Preserve a Campfire

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture If you’re like me, when you venture out into any wooded wilderness, you are conscientious and empathetic about the footprint you leave behind. I realize that it’s a natural cycle for the earth to burn from wildfires, as it gives the ground a chance to start anew, but I would feel like bloody awful if I were responsible for a forest fire getting out of hand. Because if you think about it, even if a wildfire is natural, it has devastating effects on the surrounding life. Anytime a forest suffers deforestation, the birds circle the area over and over, crying over lost ones, and the same goes for owls and mammals. I’ve witnessed the devastation first hand, and have seen how animals are torn from their homes, and family, and I’ve heard their cries.
Picture All I’m saying is I don’t want to be the guy responsible for something Nature hadn’t planned to happen on its own. When I venture out, I am very careful about how and where I make my camp fire, and I am as equally cautious when extinguishing them. The last thing I want is for the surrounding grass to catch fire, or some storm to take my coals with the wind. Or if I’m camping at the same location each night, I may want to start the next day with already hot coals, without burning down the forest, and that’s where the Campfire Defender kit comes in to play.
The Campfire Defender Pro Camper kit is a messenger bag full of supplies to both keep the forest safe as well as securely keep a fire active through bad weather or nighttime. This pack is too heavy for backpackers, but the company does offer a lighter weight option. The reason the Pro Camper kit is so heavy duty is because it contains a 68”x60” thick fire-resistent tarp with metal vent. Additionally, the Pro Camper kit includes two fire stakes, utility gloves, 8 glow in the dark aluminum tent stakes, an LED flashlight, all housed in a thin canvas messenger-style bag.
Campfire Defender certainly put a lot of thought and effort into creating the perfect kit for both prevention of forest fires and the preservation of an active fire bed. This kit offers the user the ability to keep wood dry and coals hot. If bad weather hits, the defender kit can be used immediately on a live fire, so whenever the need arises, you can be a step ahead of Mother Nature.
I found the Campfire Defender Pro Camper kit to be a cool and necessary addition to my already large camping setup, as it’s always best to be prepared. For anything. The kit is well thought out and the materials are heavy duty enough to last quite a few fires. My only criticism comes with the thickness of the bag versus the weight of the materials inside. I don’t think the bag would rip anytime soon, but it is the one thing I thought stood out as a partial negative. Otherwise, it’s a solid kit and something every serious adventurer and camper should consider.
If you would like to find out more about Campfire Defender, click here.

(Main photo rekapalli via Flickr, Built For Fire photo © Campfire Defender)
Article written by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen

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