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Promulgation “GOSPEL”

By Colloquial Wordsmiths
Bestowed by the Ericsson of his weaknesses and tranquility. Defended by the insurgence of the immature soul and a mature mind. a a He gave up  writing by just cutting away and without garnishing the stories of his life. The stories which were the lifeline of his attire ; Stories where agreeing on okay from both sides was a satire. a a Where no one believed in him and kept bragging him in a whim. Where he couldn’t find anyone who could come back and give him his holy reign. a a Getting back to the memory lane he remembered about the Saint in disguise. He went back to the changing room wearing the shroud of not people but of his choice. a a The mask of happiness and laughter and grin, could easily absorb the pain and the tranquilities of his skin. But the room still spoke the truth where there dewy crystals and the broken mirror were kept in Ruth. a a Firming to himself and concluding the thought drains he decided not to leave stories of pain down the lane. He never chose the wrong path – “Because he never expected to be loved widely , but accepted to be loved deeply. ” was definitely not his fault. -Amber Reyansh Mishra

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