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Product Review - Ryedale Ladies Wistow Wellington Boots

By Ozhene @papaver

The other day I received an email asking me whether I would like to try a pair of wellington boots from Ryedale I had a quick look at their website, and then had a longer look at their website as they have a fantastic collection of country clothing and equestrian style clothing. I got distracted for quite a while; time was spent looking at the tweed jackets and the waxed jackets but eventually I got back to the task in hand.

Product Review - Ryedale ladies Wistow Wellington Boots

I chose a pair of the Wistow 'Hare thistle' boots to try. I have not paid for these boots but my words and opinions are as ever my own.

Product Review - Ryedale ladies Wistow Wellington Boots

The boots arrived very quickly and had a card attached to them. Now I cannot promise you that every pair arrives with a nice card attached but I do like it when things do.

The boots fit nicely and are properly waterproof. They have a buckle detail at the top which you could tighten for a snug fit if you wish.

Product Review - Ryedale ladies Wistow Wellington Boots

I spent quite a bit of time in the garden wearing them. I jumped up and down in the some mud to see how dirty they would get (any excuse to be honest) and I was impressed that they did not get really dirty, the mud did not appear to stick. I have never had any 'pretty' wellingtons before, I have always gone for the plain black, sometimes shiney red and at the moment I possess a pair of dark purple ones that were cheap in a sale because it was not a popular colour. This makes these pretty ones a nice change. They also come in a pale blue colour with birds on or navy blue with small white horses. It was difficult to choose which ones I wanted but I decided I liked the hares best.

These boots are currently retailing at £39.99, they are well made and I expect that they will last me for a goodly amount of time. I can happily recommend them as they are practical and beautiful. If you know someone that would appreciate some pretty wellingtons for Christmas then you need to get them ordered quickly.

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