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Priscilla Shirer: “I Do Not Describe Myself as a Black Woman”

By Firstladyb

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Priscilla Shirer: “I do not describe myself as a black woman”
Evangelist Priscilla Shirer has caused a little stir after an old video resurfaced on social media of her saying, “I do not describe myself as a black woman,” during a speaking engagement.

The War Room actress made the statement last year after police shootings in Dallas and around the world.

In the video Shirer starts off sharing a story of a black woman named Natasha who encountered a white police officer at the store.

After sharing Natasha’s experience with the officer, Shirer tells the audience, it’s not easy being any of us right now in this climate.

“Not only because our culture, and our country is in trouble, but the reality is, our own homes are in trouble.” 

Priscilla Shirer: “I do not describe myself as a black woman”

As Shirer continued to deal with Christianity and the current racial climate, she declared:

“I do not describe myself as a black woman — because that gives too much power to my blackness.”

The Lifeway author then goes on to say that she will not allow her race to define her.

“I don’t want ‘black,’ my race, to be the describing adjective, the defining adjective, as a woman,” she cries. “I am not a black woman, I’m a Christian woman who happens to be black!”

“It’s going to be that I am a woman who believes in every single thing that my God has declared to be true, and I will stand firmly on the promises of His word because I will be girded in His truth,” Shirer declared.

Here is the entire video that was posted on her Youtube account last August.

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