Price Predictions for (Sfund) in 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030

Posted on the 12 June 2021 by Frank Leo

The is a blockchain-based incubator program and a decentralized seed-stage fund that is empowered by DAO-based community involvement. In, stakeholder community members who participate in the success of successful projects gaining funding and incubator status are rewarded with tokens from selected projects, providing a DeFi seed fund mechanism. Developers and innovators can submit their projects to the platform, and the community will decide who to invest in via an incubation program followed by a voting system.

Through the $Sfund incubator, different projects are empowered by connecting them with a community that will assist them in launching great products. Various categories, including development, community building, advertisement, content creation, whitepaper, website development, and others, will be supported by the incubator. Dao is assigned the responsibility of identifying bugs, while also concentrating on user interference, workflows, and numerical parameters, as well as from the community feedback loops that will improve the product. Launchpad will be a one-stop shop for tasks such as ICOs, IDOs, presales, and fund-raising.

As a requirement of the Seedify fund mechanism, project founders will have to follow specific guidelines. Among these are presenting projects to investors with KYC pages. Seed funding requires 80% positive vote turnout for a project to qualify. The $Sfund token holder will receive 3% of the token and will also receive funding from the official funding pool.

The Circulating Supply of Tokenomics



AMOUNT OF TOTAL SUPPLY100.000.000 coins


REWARDS FOR THE COMMUNITY7.00000 coins (7%) will be released and unlocked through bounties allowing to decentralize. Additionally, the program will be used to jumpstart the community, engagement, and marketing awareness programs.

‌THE INITIAL FUND POOL6.000.000 coins (%6), Funds will be transferred from these coins to community-selected projects through the DAO, and the wallet will not be staked nor joined in the liquidity mining program so that rewards are not diluted.

The initial operations pool2.000.000 coins (%2), As small proportions of coins are sold, there will be resources for operations and the hiring of team members, as well as for auditing, legal, development & marketing costs, as well as liquidity if necessary.

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The and $SFUND Yield Farming programs are now available on PancakeSwap! Pancakeswap offers liquidity on the SFUND/BNB pair, meaning if you’re the person putting liquidity at Pancakeswap on SFUND/BNB, you can stake the LP tokens you get from Pancakeswap in the farming section of the TosDis web app, where the SFUND pool for BNB-UND will be available to earn $Sfunds.

Price predictions for (Sfund) in 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030

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How to Get Your SFUNDs and BNBs Ready

Our short guide to yield farming and liquidity mining for people with no prior experience is provided below;

  • To begin, connect to Pancakeswap using one of the wallet integrations that they support, which include Metamask, Trustwallet, Mathwallet, TokenPocket, WalletConnect, Binance Chain Wallet, and SafePal Wallet
  • You should also ensure that you have both BNB and SFUND after connecting to Pancakeswap
  • Putting liquidity will not be possible until you acquire each of these tokens. Many people have written guides on how to buy BNB online, but we would like to focus on how to buy $SFUNDs once you already have BNB linked to your wallet.
  • In Pancakeswap, this can be accomplished by clicking on “Trade” in the left-hand column, clicking on “Exchange”, and then clicking on “Select a Currency” in the “To” section, and paste SFUND token address: 0x477bc8d23c634c154061869478bce96be6045d12
  • As soon as this is done, PancakeSwap will allow you to trade BNB vs SFUND according to your profit targets.

Liquidity Provision

This guide’s next section will explain how to put liquidity, but we would like to highlight a few things about liquidity-providing mechanisms:

  • The key to providing liquidity is to pair up the assets. Therefore, if you want to put liquidity worth 1000 SFUND tokens and that token is worth 200$ at the time you want it, you will also need 200$ worth of BNB token to pair it up (at the time of writing 200 US Dollar = 0.595312 Binance Coin (BNB)
  • In order to provide liquidity, you should know what each token’s dollar value is whenever you are putting it into a pool. When you put liquidity and you have less BNB in dollars, then you can only put the dollar amount equal to the BNB you have.
  • The concept of impermanent losses should also be taken into account when providing liquidity. When you provide liquidity, what you are essentially doing is providing pairs to the market, so other people can sell and buy at the same time. An increase or decrease in price on one of the pairs will put you at an impermanent loss. More guides and calculators are available online for understanding impermanent loss, such as the loss that could accrue if the prices of one pair, in our case SFUND and BNB, go up or down.
  • We have an incentive program to minimize impermanent loss while helping you earn more SFUND tokens.
  • The liquidity mining program will reward a high amount of SFUND tokens, however, the rewards will be dispersed among all participants in the mining pool, so APY and rewards will be based on your percentage in the mining pool.

In light of all that I have said thus far, let’s analyze the liquidity guide step by step:

  1. On the Pancakeswap site, once you have both SFUND and BNB, the first thing you should do is click on the “Liquidity” section under the “Trade” tab.
  2. When you click the “Add Liquidity” button, you will be directed to the Liquidity page
  3. Start with BNB as the initial input
  4. SFUND should be the second input (Token address: 0x477bc8d23c634c154061869478bce96be6045d12)
  5. To select the number of tokens for liquidity, keep in mind that the dollar value of each token needs to be the same.
  6. Once the liquidity is put in, click “Supply.”.
  7. You will be able to see how many LP tokens you will receive once you click that. Pancakeswap will issue a predetermined number of LP tokens based on the amount of liquidity you provide.
  8. You will then be prompted to “Confirm Supply.”.
  9. You will later be prompted to confirm your payment in your integrated wallet.
  10. With the completion of the transaction, the LP tokens are now available to be staked and used to earn SFUND rewards through Liquidity Mining.

As soon as you receive the LP tokens, you must:

  • Click on
  • Connect your wallet to the BSC network by clicking the BSC network link on the left
  • You need to confirm the transaction in your wallet after approval of the $SFUND Pool
  • To place a stake, first, click Stake, then click Max, then re-click Stake
  • In your wallet, confirm the transaction a second time

Price Predictions For $Sfund

The Month and YearPrices predicted for Sfund

July 2021$2.67

August 2021$4.96

September 2021$5.60

October 2021$6.02

November 2021$6.89

December 2021$9.26

January 2022$9.98

February 2022$15.21

March 2022$17.93

April 2022$20.98

May 2022$19.54

June 2022$24.34

July 2022$26.10

August 2022$29.14

September 2022$23.22

October 2022$27.70

November 2022 $32.83

December 2022 $29.30

April 2023 $31.22

August 2023 $35.23

January 2025 $72.22

March 2025 $65.97

May 2025 $70.78

July 2025 $62.61

September 2025 $72.54

October 2025 $74.94

Decemeber 2025 $78.78

January 2030 $139.63

March 2030 $147.96

May 2030 $160.77

July 2030 $166.85

September 2030 $154.04

December 2030 $172.14

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An Analysis of $SFUND’s Price

Because tokens are the only means of managing and directing the project, $SFUND Tokens hold more value in the project. The SFUND token uses BSC Network in conjunction with the BEP-20 token standard. Members of the SFUND will be able to vote for new projects, stake their tokens, and more. Holders of the SFUND token will receive 3% of the token supply from every project they stake. Every time a new IDO launch is announced, the value of the Token Launchpad will increase as more ROI projects get listed.

As at the time of writing, below is the $Sfund Price Statistics Price: $1.35

Price Change24h:  $-0.3093, 18.66%

24h Low / 24h High:  $1.34 / $1.66

Trading Volume24h:  $1,009,360.47 47.66%

Volume / Market Cap:  0.1521

Summary has the mission of helping incubated projects thrive, and they also want to make sure that they receive benefits from their partnerships as well. A significant part of success in the blockchain market is partnerships, which open up new possibilities in terms of technologies, marketing, and brand visibility, as well as helping companies gain a competitive edge.

As part of their Solution Partners Program, they will focus on forming strong alliances for incubated ideas in areas such as;

  • VC Support
  • Development
  • Marketing & PR
  • User Interfaces & Design
  • Smart Contract Security
  • Staking
  • Grants
  • DAO Architecture
  • Incorporation & Legal
  • Exchange & Dex Support
  • Furthermore, partners are able to add value in other areas as well

The program will streamline the process of incubating projects in finding the right partners, and will also provide a simple system for providing the most services needed.

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