Price Predictions For Cocos-BCX (Cocos) Coin in 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2025

Posted on the 14 June 2021 by Frank Leo

Cocos-BCX (Cocos) Project Background

With the advent of 2019 and digital currencies, blockchains and other cryptographic technologies have gradually become a global discussion That applies to many areas, including economics, sociology, and politics. Blockchains and digital currencies are of utmost concern to the public, due to their potential impact on social development. Given the backdrop of technological constraints, increasing resource consumption, an aging population, and geopolitical tensions, government-driven approaches to productivity will likely change in some industries. Accordingly, monetary systems could also change from “government-fiat currency” to “non-governmental productivity organizers – multiple consensus currencies”.

Cocos-BCX (Cocos) believes decentralized social forms and economic systems based on blockchain technology would emerge in response to changes in production processes, populations, and industries in certain parts of the world. In the future, blockchain is the foundation for digital currencies and blockchain economics. It is one of the Cocos-BCX (Cocos) project’s goals to research and develop solutions for existing problems in blockchain games.

Cocos-BCX, short for Cocos BlockChain Expedition.

Cocos-BCX expects to solve the following problems:

  1. A key objective of Cocos-BCX is to provide game developers with easier-to-use, blockchain-enabled gaming infrastructures, such as a graphical guided development kit and blockchain-based ecosystem. A blockchain game can be easily designed as a graphical application without requiring developers to learn a lot of technical details, making the process far more efficient.
  2. To provide gamers with a just, fair, and open gaming environment that contains data transparency and clearly defined rules, free from items dropping as a result of behind-the-scenes manipulations and consumerism, enabling players to save their assets permanently, securely, and decentralized.
  3. Using blockchain technology and an economic model based on digital assets, we hope to ensure developers and gamers can receive a consistent benefit.
  4. To provide convenient, decentralized channels for the distribution of games, and to help game developers Assetize the content they produce for sustainable earnings.
  5. Players will be able to transform the data generated by their time and energy, as well as the items they consume, into assets that can be stored, managed, and circulated. This will give the players the right to monetize those assets.

Price predictions For Cocos-BCX (Cocos) Coin in 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2025

Four Stages Of Blockchain Gaming On Cocos-Bcx List

  • Using Fungible Tokens to Measure  In-Game Economy

The ERC20 homogeneous asset standard of the Ethereum system was originally used to settle the in-game currencies in blockchain games. Several blockchain projects have adopted the standard. Several projects deploy Ethereum’s ERC 20 tokens, which are easily exchangeable and more suited to DApps’ key functionality. Through a blockchain explorer, for example, the holder of the asset can track how it moves through multiple platforms, including the address and amount of each asset.

  • Access To Free Asset and Game Exchange

A fungible token can only be released using ERC20, which represents various fungible items. During circulation or use, this identifies whether items or quantities are interchangeable. Due to this, the project’s asset can only be used to convey a single value, such as a digital asset, digital security, or a score. However, a person, thing, or item with unique features cannot be quantified by a fungible token, despite the fact that their value can be substituted by any digital asset.
ERC-721 is the standard for non-fungible tokens in Ethereum’s improvement proposal (EIP).

COCOS applications are based on the BCX-NHAS-1808 standard, a non-homogeneous digital asset standard, and are based around decentralized ledger technology. Non-homogeneous digital assets can be circulated on any platform, determining the value of the asset by its scarcity and uniqueness, such as equipment, props, and high-level user accounts.

  • Blockchain-Based Game Algorithms

During the development of on-chain games, the basic setup and required algorithms will be made available through blocks seen as a contract or an easy-to-create data structure that is easy to convey so that everyone can see the results and ensure fairness. It will include value logic such as the probability of Gashapon, the setting of the enemies in the role-playing game, loot box drops, and card dealing rules, which will all be recorded into the blockchain, thus ensuring a fair game and openness, transparency, and immutability. Through this feature, players are effectively relieved of the fear of game fraud, allowing them to play with more confidence and be more actively involved, thereby helping develop a strong community.

  • Running The Entire Game On a Blockchain

It is a great achievement for the industry when the entire content of a game runs on blockchain. The game logic is implemented on the blockchain, while data is transmitted and stored on a decentralized network, rendering the game itself to be a contract. In order to operate the game effectively, an integrated operating environment with the lowest latency paired with light blockchain nodes is imperative, although technical solutions for the future are not yet available.

During the next phase, Cocos-BCX plans to provide a full range of products and services, including: 

  1. Taking a light approach to full node environments for gamers
  2. A blockchain-enabled service stack
  3. Game engines as node infrastructures
  4. Development and debugging tool with a blockchain interoperable engine, visual IDE, and visualization.
  5. A trusty virtual machine executed by the engine by means of a game code (contract)

Cocos-BCX will be a complete runtime environment that supports multisystem gaming, offering developers an improved ecosystem and a more convenient experience for building blockchain games, as well as presenting a new gaming experience and forms completely different from those found in the past. A fair and open gaming environment will be available to users, allowing them to dispose of game assets to their hearts’ content.

Price Prediction Chart for COCOS-BCX (COCOS/USD)

An Overview of BCX-Cocos

Project NameCocos-BCX

Project SymbolCocos Token

Total Supply 100,000,000,000

Official website

Based UponBlockchain Gaming

Launched year 2018

Exchange Platform Binance, Hotbit, Hoo, HitBTC, MXC, Sistemcoin

Wallet Own Wallet

PartnersLoom, Ontology, HelloEOS, Nebulas, Slow mist, Hash Capital, DFUND, NEO Global Capital, INBlockchain, Free Fund, Ticket Capital, Grand Shares.

2021 Price Predictions For Cocos-BCX

Jul 2021$0.84800905 USD

Aug 2021 $0.92888329 USD

Sep 2021 $0.80438136 USD

Oct 2021 $0.96329040 USD

Nov 2021 $0.90440618 USD

Dec 2021 $0.71033790 USD

2022 Price Predictions For Cocos-BCX

MonthThe Average Price ($)

Jan 2022 $1.01

Feb 2022 $0.84659019

Mar 2022 $1.05

Apr 2022 $0.89281617

May 2022 $0.93274065

Jun 2022 $0.95618566

Jul 2022 $0.85398098

Aug 2022 $1.25

Sep 2022 $1.05

Oct 2022 $1.50

Nov 2022 $0.95637980

Dec 2022 $0.97441950

2023 Price Predictions For Cocos-BCX

Month Average Price ($)

Jan 2023 $1.12

Feb 2023 $1.40

Mar 2023 $1.15

Apr 2023 $1.38

May 2023 $1.10

Jun 2023 $1.00

Jul 2023 $1.25

Aug 2023 $1.05

Sep 2023 $1.36

Oct 2023 $1.50

Nov 2023 $1.30

Dec 2023 $1.07

2024 Price Predictions For Cocos-BCX

Month Average Price ($)

Jan 2024 $1.74

Feb 2024 $2.00

Mar 2024 $1.40

Apr 2024 $1.29

May 2024 $1.35

Jun 2024$2.33

Jul 2024 $2.70

Aug 2024 $1.50

Sep 2024 $1.68

Oct 2024 $1.70

Nov 2024 $1.55

Dec 2024 $2.68

2025 Price Predictions For Cocos-BCX

Month Average Price ($)

Jan 2025 $1.75

Feb 2025 $1.63

Mar 2025 $2.02

Apr 2025 $2.00

May 2025 $1.55

Jun 2025 $1.43

Jul 2025 $1.690

Aug 2025 $1.54

Sep 2025 $1.80

Oct 2025 $1.65

Nov 2025 $1.54

Dec 2025 $1.9

What Do You Think About Cocos-BCX As An Investment?

If you are looking to make a long-term investment plan, Cocos is a promising option since there are a couple of other blockchain gaming projects you should also take a look at.

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