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President Trump, the Impeachment Vote and the Year to Come..

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

So what awaits the President in Astrological terms? Lots and lots of difficult aspects...

President Trump, the Impeachment Vote and the year to come..

Exact on the 20th December but forming now in his 11th house of groups, parties and colleagues, the Democratic Party (a group) will be passing judgement on him and his past communications (Mercury); acts that will affect his future (North Node). Concurrently, Jupiter the planet of justice will be square to DT's natal Neptune, sitting within his house of money and values. Remember that Trump is accused of using financial bribes (Neptune in 2nd) as a bargaining tool to get information on a political rival from a foreign (Jupiter) leader. Neptune on Trump's chart rules the 8th house of secrets, other people's money, manipulation, power and control. I think that those two aspects neatly encompass the case the Democrats are trying to make in one nice package.

The coming Solar Eclipse on 26th December lands in Trump's 5th house square to his natal Neptune, and this will focus very much on that 2nd and 8th house axis (Neptune in 2nd - Neptune ruling 8th) of money, finances, other people's money, power, control and manipulation. Neptune bends or hides the truth, and the truth is what those accusing Trump will want to get to the bottom of what actually happened.

What's on the Horizon?

Much in the New Year. Watch out for the week beginning 13th January 2020 as President Trump will experience a plethora of difficult aspects. On the 13th January, the first of a series of horrible hits start with transiting Saturn making an inconjunct aspect to his natal Sun. This is authority starting to interrogate him and his work actions for personal gain (Sun in 10th house ruling 1st). The planets will be urging him to change his stance or admit some responsibility around this time - no chance of that me thinks. I think this aspect will hail the start of the Impeachment Trial of the President in the Senate.

On the 17th transiting Pluto will make an inconjunct aspect to President Trump's natal Sun. This is going to be hugely important, as the Sun rules the President's chart. I had this particular aspect affect me for a year in 2012/13 and it was brutal. My life went into meltdown and my marriage collapsed at that time. My work also disintegrated and my Sun like President Trump's Sun sits within the 10th house. Whi his chart ruled by the Sun, this aspect is going to be even more personal and difficult to bare than my experience of the same one.

Not only will he get that to deal with for the next year of his life, he will also get a dose of Saturn opposite Saturn on the 21st January. This Saturn opposition will call into question his work, his networking with groups or people he was trying to cooperate with, or trying to get to cooperate with his wishes. Saturn on his chart affect his 5th house of individualism (Capricorn is intercepted in the 5th) and this shows him trying to wield his authority to get his own way. These actions will be fully investigated.

Paradoxically, Saturn will go on to make a trine to Trump's MC on the 26th January, and this may favour him, and if the trial finishes around now, he may be acquitted.

You think that will be end of things? No way. From February, transiting Pluto will start to oppose Trump's natal Saturn, an aspect lasting into 2021 slowly wearing down his authority over the next year. Between February and August 2020, he will pick up a trine from Pluto to his natal Midheaven, giving him a boost of power, but this will start to fade in late Summer, and the Pluto inconjunct to Trump's natal Sun will return for the rest of the year, running over the 2020 Presidential election date.

Also starting in February for a brief couple of weeks before returning in late Summer through until the start of November, Saturn will be opposing Trump's natal Venus, focusing on his work and career (Taurus on MC) and what he said and communicated (Libra on cusp of 3rd house). What he said and did will be held to account now. This is before Pluto opposes Venus through 2021 completely dismantling his professional life, while at the same time Neptune, the planet that degrades, confuses and disintegrates squares Trump's natal Sun and Moon. The first of these Neptunian aspects begins in March 2020 as Neptune squares the President's Moon - this aspect will continue to affect him between September 2020 to February 2021. This particular aspect may affect his marriage, as Neptune will be operating out of his natal 7th house of relationships, and a female friendship or colleague may cause him harm at this time (Moon in 4th affecting 11th house - Cancer intercepted in 11th). This is before the Neptune square to Trump's Sun that will bring into sharp focus the truthfulness and transparency of the work done by President Trump.

As you can understand, the President is going to be under a barrage of difficult connections in an important election year. I do think that he will get a bounce in late January and in Spring/early Summer, but that will wear off and I see the run up to the 2020 election to be fraught and particularly difficult for him. Get through Pluto Saturn and Neptune acting on him all at the same time scott free, and President Trump will surely have to be nicknamed the Teflon President...

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