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President Trump: Openly Insulting Our Allies, Courting Our Enemy

Posted on the 10 June 2018 by Morage @kebmebms

President Trump: Openly Insulting Our Allies, Courting Our Enemy
After this G-7 meeting in Quebec, Canada this week, in the last few days, it seems clear President Trump is more truly showing himself for what and who he is. He's also actively courting Russia and Vladimir Putin and officially, publicly trashing our allies. All our allies.
The fallout from Trump’s international temper tantrum
Michael D. Shear and Catherine Porter of the New York Times describe the G-7 trainwreck this way:
The result was a slow-rolling collapse of the fragile alliances that officials at the summit — and even Mr. Thump’s own White House advisers — insisted throughout the day could be maintained in the face of fundamental disagreements. . . .
Mr. Trump confronted several of the leaders individually, giving examples of how, in his view, each of their countries had mistreated the United States, whether it be through trade barriers or security commitments, according to a European official.

After Trump’s G-7 summit fiasco, be afraid

After President Trump’s atrocious and irrational behavior leading up to and at the Group of Seven summit, the disintegration of the liberal world order in place since the end of World War II and the potential for a serious international crisis no longer seem hard to imagine. The president, unmoved by history, ignorant of facts and guided by sycophants, has not been forced to grapple with the real world nor to hear views that don’t coincide with his twisted worldview, in which allies are ripping us off and aggressive strongmen are to be admired and accommodated.

Trump is no joke

What they had to say about this President Trump and our current situation.
Laugh if you want but our Democracy is at stake
Some of President Trump’s detractors regard him as an object of ridicule to be laughed at and dismissed as a narcissistic, bombastic, uncouth showman, totally lacking in class.
Trump may be all that. But there is nothing amusing about him.
This president may well be the single greatest threat to our constitutional form of government and the rule of law to have ever occupied the White House. Considering our traumatic national experience with President Richard M. Nixon, that is saying something.
Trump is hell-bent on overriding long-standing constitutional controls over the arbitrary exercise of executive powers
This just hit this morning, too. Just look at the associated picture. It's been making the rounds on the internet.
Actor Rob Reiner said it very well today.
"When an American President attacks our closest allies and embraces a hostile enemy power who is trying to destroy our Democracy and democracies around the world, we can only conclude that he has been compromised and is in a conspiracy to commit treason."
If this is not true and this President hasn't been compromised and isn't willfully committing treason, then he is, honestly, no exaggeration, more stupid than we thought.
One thing seems certain.
John Bolton must be loving this.
Not done there, not done putting the G-7 Summit into disarray, single-handedly, Trump had to go on to insult Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau.

Donald Trump rejects G7 summit statement, 

insults Justin Trudeau

Again, not done there, he went on, Mr. Trump did.

Globe editorial: 

Donald Trump insults Canada, 

and tests its patience 

Not done there, President Trump's aides had to go out of their way to also insult.

'Special place in hell': 

Trump aides hurl insults at Trudeau

And to, as I said, court our enemy, Mr. Trump fights for Russia and Vladimir Putin at the G-7 before it even took place

President Trump says Russia 

should be at G7 meeting

Meanwhile, across the planet, China and India and a few other nations just had a very successful and harmonious meeting, in sharp contrast to the G-7, thanks to Mr. Trump.

China-hosted SCO summit 'unity' 

contrasts with G7 disarray

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for the "pursuit of cooperation for mutual benefit" at the final day of a meeting by a Beijing and Moscow-led bloc, hours after the G7 meeting in Canadaended in disarray.
Xi made his remarks on Sunday on the second and final day of an annual summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in the coastal city of Qingdao, China.
He also called on his regional partners to "boost harmony and unity by seeking common ground and setting aside differences".

The best headline on this G-& Summit and what Mr. Trump did comes in this headline.
Trump hits the world stage, Day 1: Come late, leave early, offend host, alienate allies
Now Mr. Trump is off to Singapore.
To wreak yet more international havoc?
God help him.
God help us.

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