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Potato Mashi: The Underground, Non-Dualist Sensation! New Picture Book Out Now & The 7 Things FREE for 2 Days!!

By Rohan @rohanforsale

Mashi cover fin 3Hi guys, Rohan here :) Today I am extremely proud to announce the release of a new book, Potato Mashi: The Underground, Non-Dualist Sensation! The book was written, and the characters were created by my dad, David Virgin, and the illustrations were done by my mum, Clare Picasso. It’s the first time they’ve released a book so be sure to grab a copy and show them how well supported it is :)

The book itself is made up of 98 original sayings that my dad came up with during difficult times in his life to help him through, all with a philosophical, non-dualist theme. The sayings are accompanied by the 40 pictures by my mom. The sayings are challenging, uplifting and inspiring and I reckon there’s a message in there for everyone. Dad (David) has studied yoga and eastern philosophy since he was 18, he’s also a trained martial artist (Hapkido), family therapist and counselor. Oh and he’s also had 5 number 1 hits in the Australian Independent charts in the 80′s with his band Sekret Sekret!

Potato Mashi is out now on Amazon for $3.69, but if you don’t use Amazon you can pop $3.69 into the Ronations page, let me know, and I’ll send you on the book via email


ALSO! FREE copies will be given to anyone who would like to review Potato Mashi for their blog, Amazon, Goodreads etc. If you’re interested please email me at rohan.healy@beardfirepublishing.com and I’ll send you the file.

Oh and one more thing! To celebrate the release of Potato Mashi, I’m making “The 7 Things That Made Me Genuinely & Irreversibly Happy” FREE on Amazon for 2 days! So be sure to grab it HERE, and even if you’ve read it yourself please let your friends and followers know they can get it for free for a short time

Just click the big book cover, or any time I’ve typed “Potato Mashi” and you’ll be taken to Amazon where you can preview and purchase the new book


Here’s the official description of Potato Mashi, hope you all enjoy the book and get some inspiration and enjoyment. Until next time, all the best, Rohan:

Immerse yourself in the Non-Dualist teachings of Potato Mashi: The Undergound, Non-Dualist Sensation. Across 98 separate sayings Potato Mashi covers love, loss, death, tyrants, possessions, desire, happiness, reincarnation, the nature of the self and much more.

Allow the wisdom of Potato Mashi to bring peace, joy, contentment and a smile to your life.

19. My commitment is to feel joy.
My obligation is to feel love.
My duty is to be at peace.
Commitment, obligation and duty. 
What lie is upsetting me?
What truth is calming my soul?

~ Potato Mashi

The character of Potato Mashi and his sayings were created and written by rock’n'roll, folk and blues musician and songwriter David Virgin, with drawings by artist Clare Picasso.

“Allow me to introduce to you an old friend of mine, Potato Mashi. His wisdoms, sayings and instruction have helped me through some hard times, better enabled me to enjoy the good, remember what needs remembering and best of all forget what needs forgetting.

Through the pictures and words in this little book I dearly wish to share the joy and peace I have received with every reader.”

David Virgin

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