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Possibilities for Alt Left Alliance with Alt Right Or Left Wing of the Alt Right Types

Posted on the 30 January 2017 by Calvinthedog

Tulio: I think at a certain point, a good number of the more moderate Trump voters will have buyer’s remorse when they see the results and those people could possibly be persuaded to vote a different way next time. We should be willing to bring them into the fold when they wake up. But as for the deplorable alt-right, well fuck them forever. They are irredeemable.

If they have buyer’s remorse over Trump, that is just fine, and I will welcome them back with open arms. I cannot believe how many friendships I ended of people I unfriended and blocked on Facebook over this. It’s never been that way with any past elections, ever. And I sort of need some of those people as sources for instance for this site. I keep thinking I should take a certain number of them back, but then I don’t do it. And all the ones I gave a break too pretty much came out as deplorables later.

I just had to throw two more or less Alt Right guys out of my group. I am increasingly doubting whether there can be an Alt Right/Alt Left alliance or even if I can ever ally with the Left Wing of the Alt Right. We are just too far apart on too many things. These guys are either White nationalists or flirting with the White nationalists. I am not against allying with certain White nationalist people, but it looks like the number of White nationalists I can ally with is about zero.

Also lately I have come out in strong support of Spencer getting punched and riots at antifa and Black Bloc demos. All those anywhere near the Alt Right really hate the antifa and the Black Bloc. No one worse in their book. I don’t like them much either, but I will ally with them against Trump if they will allow me to.

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