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Possessions, Hauntings, Alien Abductions - Are We All to Blame?

Posted on the 29 May 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
possessions, hauntings, alien abductions - are we all to blame?
these things, these visuals, people see IN THEIR VERSION OF REAL LIFE, that's the subject of today's blogpost.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I've had dreams about crazy shit (who hasn't) but, I've NEVER MET or INTERACTED WITH any sort of ghost or pixie or cthuhlhu monster either here on or any other dimension, while I was 'conscious', while I was 'not unconscious'. But I've never been 'walking down the street' and been invited to see something that was truly beyond my understanding or too freakish to not be real.
These mythological (and/or contemporary alien) beasts have always been a part of Human Existence. Look back at the littering of history with this material; UFOs in the sky, trolls under bridges, dragons, sea monsters, mind control... just keep naming this shit.
I think WE MAKE THEM; we make all these things up in our head. They're not OUT THERE like some 'floating entity' waiting to pounce. I think they're a PART OF US. Ghost or God, it's all the same phenomenon.
I've blog'd about my sense of dislocation before, how my voice doesn't sound like mine, how the things I write don't really seem to be my own creations, reading them back. I've had physical impressions that I live with... Hell, right now, I'm looking at the screen as I type and it's like my whole existence is merely a bubble of the thinnest gossamer material you can imagine. I'm looking out at this world from some sort of a perspective and AT ANY MOMENT that thin fabric could RIP and I'll be pulled back into the place where we all really live.
Personally, I suspect I'm IMMUNE to the paranormal universe, it's never affected me.
Dreams (to me) feel like they may be a potential narrative discourse tool with our REAL SELVES. But I can't prove any of this. There's no evidence I can show you, no trinket from the dark side of the universe. It's all conjecture until the gossamer snaps. And I know that's not going to happen.
And I think this is what we're doing when we report possessions, hauntings and alien abductions - we're PROJECTING our ASSESSMENT of this gossamer interaction with the IMAGINED DIMENSIONS onto the conscious world.
Listen to what Dana The UFO Chick says about her 'projections' onto this mythological realm.

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