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Portugal – On the Slow Road to Recovery

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


All of the recent focus has been on Greece as Europe lurches towards in inevitable crisis but there have been several other European countries who have been really suffering in the past two to three years, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal. I was asked a few days ago by one of my regular readers Rick to have a look at Portugal and today I am pleased to do so. The only problem with Portugal is to know which chart to use since the country has a long colourful history. Because we are looking at modern financial problems, I decided to look at the 1974 Carnation revolution chart, the one formed after the breakdown of Portugal’s overseas empire.

Portugal(Modern) natal

The 1974 Portuguese chart sits above. The Sun sits rather hidden in the 8th house, the house of financial relations with other nations. Of course the modern Portugal came out of reaping the rewards of the resources of it’s former colonies. This is a constitutional democracy now seen by the Sun’s ruling sign on the cusp of the 11th house of parties, groups and associations. The Moon representing the people sits in the 9th house of foreign lands and of faith. Portugal’s population is mostly Roman Catholic (Moon opposed to spiritual Neptune and square to Jupiter which rules faith) and very diverse in it ethnic make-up, of course calling upon many immigrants from it former colonies. The country’s link with sea and fishing is also shown here through the Neptune opposition. Interestingly the legal system in Portugal is also called the continental family legal system, the Moon of course in the 9th house of the law is a representation of the family.

A lot of Portuguese family’s incomes are based around farming and tourism, and in the 6th house of the workers we find Venus with links to the land and Jupiter showing money being made from foreign visitors. This is a really friendly optimistic combination and the welcome that visitors get from the Portuguese is rarely less than open and warm. We have a Uranus Mercury opposition from 2nd to 8th house showing a rather reckless attitude to finance (Uranus in 2nd) and a free, open and independent media (Mercury opposite Uranus). Uranus in the 2nd also shows an economy which is based around technology, a sector that has been growing and growing in Portugal since the country entered the EU.

Saturn and Mars together in the 10th house of government showing the link to the present administration from the military coup (Mars) back in 1974. This combination squares to Pluto in the 1st house which shows a rather underground and potentially corrupt side to officialdom in Portugal. During the Madeline McCann investigation, there were several accusations from Britain thrown at the Portuguese police in the way the secretive nature of the way they operated. Pluto in the 1st shows that at some point Portugal will have to undergo some sort of transformation, where the whole structure and fabric of the country will need to be reconstructed.

Portugal(Modern) transits

The transit chart shows Saturn almost clear of the Portuguese 1st house showing that the impositions placed on Portugal as a country are slowly receding. Saturn is now retrograde and will dip back into the 1st house for a last time this Summer opposing Mercury which rules the Midheaven, before starting to make it’s way through the second. Of course Saturn in the 2nd house of finance does show that Portugal will have to show much responsibility with regard to the debts they face, however it does show that the national suffering should in the next 2-3 years start to recede. During that time Saturn will oppose the Portuguese Sun at 5 Taurus, so the austerity measures will still hurt and there may well be yet another change in administration along the way (the last vote was held on 5th June last year). This slightly more optimistic feeling can be felt as Jupiter is now conjunct the Portuguese Sun in the 8th house, those obligations to other countries are slowly being met. Transiting Neptune ruling relations with other countries (Pisces on 7th house cusp) is trine to Mars and exactly to Saturn, so Portugal is being held to account but is showing action and sacrifices to alleviate it’s problems.

The outlook for Portugal I don’t think is too bad. The country’s chart has no planets in the firing line as Uranus and Pluto start to form their square this summer in the 8-9 cardinal degree zone, and apart from the Sun no other planets are going to be impacted from stressful angles (squares or oppositions) from Saturn in the coming years. Add to this Jupiter moving through the 8th house into the 9th this year which shows optimism starting to flood into society, and Portugal may finally be on the long road to recovery.  

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