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Porto Street Art By Hazul On Rua De Trás

By Gail Aguiar @ImageLegacy

Hazul street art in Porto

I’ve photographed street art in many cities, but in Porto it has become something of a pursuit. I typically capture it with my phone, and the pictures end up in Instagram, not here. But I do photograph the more elaborate ones, the murals, and the ones I like the most with my DSLR to show more detail.

I post a great deal of Hazul‘s work in Porto because he is by far the most prolific of the local street artists, stylistically he’s my favourite, his work is easily recognizable, and I believe he’s been at it for the longest. According to this Underground Paris interview with Demian Smith last April, Hazul started painting street art in Porto in 1997. I think it’s just a matter of time before I bump into him on the street, but since I’m not entirely sure what he looks like, I’ve probably passed by him a dozen times already and didn’t realize it.

Hazul currently has an illuminated artwork installation commissioned by the city beside the Christmas tree, which I mentioned yesterday. It was too crowded last Saturday for me to shoot there, but I see on his Facebook page that it will remain until January 10, which gives me more time to see it after we’re back in Portugal.

For more photos of street art in Porto, see my Porto Street Art board on Pinterest.

Hazul street art in Porto

December 5, 2015
Album: Portugal [Autumn 2015]

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