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Pope Francis I – The Astrology of the First Pope from the Americas.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Pope Francis

As I begin writing this article, on the TV behind me Pope Francis I is being officially confirmed in his position at his inauguration Mass in St Peter’s Square in Rome, he received the Fisherman’s ring the sign of his authority over the Roman Catholic Church and now his reign as Pope has begun. I have to confess that Jorge Bergoglio was not a name on my radar when I was considering who might take the reigns at the Vatican, and I am guessing he was hardly considered by anyone, except the most important people at the conclave which elected him, the 115 cardinals who were eligible to vote.

PopeFrancisI natal

Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born on 17th December 1936 in Buenos Aires (no birth time yet confirmed), one of five children and of Italian parentage; he is a Sun sign Sagittarian and he has an Aquarian Moon. Sagittarius is the sign of knowledge and faith, it is a fire sign and a sign of exploration. Sagittarians are jovial, optimistic in nature, love to take risks and always have their eye on the next challenge; often very popular they love life and love a party. As they grow older, they become wiser and far more philosophical, they eventually do learn from the mistakes they made in the past. I find Sagittarians mature well, the wild side which may have seen them get into a few scrapes when younger settles down and they become much more knowledgeable and responsible. My father was a Sagittarian, so I have a bit of a personal insight on this particular sign. Mixed with an Aquarian Moon, we see a more independent side coming through in Jorge, a real understanding of social needs and a burning desire for the ideal of social equality. The Moon in Aquarius does like a bit of glamour though and to stand out from the crowd, to be seen as a bit unique and special. This combination therefore is perfect for a social leader, someone who wants to make their mark especially in a philosophical or religious manner.

Pope Francis’ Sun sits in a very close connection to his North Node sitting on the star Aculeus, in the sting of Scorpio. People born with their Sun on this star come from the school of hard knocks, their rise up and grow stronger despite criticism or attacks on one’s ideas or way of living. This star with the North Node indicates a man who’s intrinsic values are to help people and to take the lead in battling for a group of society. This is what he was born to do. That Sun/Aculeus/North Node conjunction makes two aspects to both faith planets, a conjunction to Jupiter which brings a wide view of the world and a continuous optimism and a square to Neptune, which is very compassionate and dreamy and gives motivation to follow a spiritual path. This ultimately is a gentle man, someone who is drawn to take the hard path in helping the suffering and those in need through faith and religion.

Jupiter is in Capricorn alongside Mercury a position that shows shrewdness and no little ambition. Don’t be fooled about this humble man, he would have wanted authority (Saturn/Capricorn) on a global scale (Jupiter). Of course this position has a second meaning, to lead (Saturn/Capricorn) in matters of faith (Jupiter). This picture is not just seen here, it is also indicated by the Saturn Neptune opposition that I will get onto later, ambition (Saturn) in spiritual matters (Neptune). Mercury in Capricorn conjunct to Jupiter is serious and disciplined but also thinks and sees things on a grand scale. This position is someone who loves delving into theory, exploring the teachings of great minds and scholars and what they had to say; forever learning and wanting to expand one’s knowledge. This position shows an aptitude for being a teacher too, for sharing what you have learnt and sharing it with others.

The Jupiter Uranus conjunction makes a double trine to Uranus in Taurus. This Uranus sits directly on two fixed stars, Hamal in the constellation of Aries and Schedar, the main star in the constellation of Cassiopeia, the Queen of the skies. Hamal combined with Uranus shows enthusiasm and enjoyment from working and being pro-active on behalf of the public, on being an activist for social change. The link to Schedar is a regal link, it shows leadership in one’s community and showing kindness and consideration in working for the betterment of all, even if one has to take an alternative line to achieve this. Combine these influences with Jupiter and Mercury and this is someone who wanted and was destined to lead as well as to promote and to call for active change. Remember the lightening bolt that hit the Vatican just after the shock announcement of the resignation of Benedict XVI? Hindsight is a wonderful thing and only now one could see the signature of this new Pope. Uranus electrifies whichever planet it connects to, it shakes things up and is unafraid to act, brings a bolt of new energy, it enthuses and enlivens. The link of Uranus to Schedar was I believe “the” sign of the radical leader to come, one who would take the church in a new direction.

Uranus makes a double square to a Venus Moon conjunction in Aquarius. This is a lovely sympathetic and affectionate combination which cares about women, children and family life. Beneath the surface is a soft and gentle heart, one that never wants to offend and dislikes harshness. The Aquarian Moon as I mentioned is very aware of social issues and does show an independent side in ones emotions, however it is given a real dose of Uranian energy here. Despite that warm smile and the genuine compassion that he portrays on TV, do you feel like I do that there is a very detached soul here, one who knows how to keep his distance, something that all fine leaders ultimately have? 

Aquarius and Uranus are hugely individual influences and fixed too, and they will insist on doing things their way, they have absolutely no sentimentality for the past. Not only being the first Jesuit Pope, this man is going to shake things up in the Vatican, big style!! Out with the old and in with the new, this man will stand for nothing less. Venus and Uranus are in mutual reception (in signs ruled by the other planet) and thus are working really well here. This turns up the level of kindness and compassion within him up several notches, but with Uranus in Taurus square to it’s ruler Venus, he will rebel against a comfortable “Taurean” lifestyle. No more limousines, this man prefers to take the bus.

Mars sits alone on this chart in Libra making only a quindecile to Uranus as a connection of any significance. Mars in Libra is the archetypal “iron fist in a velvet glove”, it is a tough and active position for Mars to be. This shows an need to fight for justice and equality, and with this Mars connected to Uranus by that laser like quindecile, he will always have been a strong and strident voice for change in the Catholic Church. Now of course, he has the ultimate power to see it happen. Just watch in the next few weeks and months as a hurricane sweeps through the Vatican. A lot of the officials who though they were in comfortable and permanent positions won’t know what has hit them.

I fix my gaze now on the only opposition on his chart, one between Saturn and Neptune, across the Pisces Virgo axis, the one on the chart of suffering and service, charity and solitude. Saturn in Pisces is an easy position to interpret, to work (Saturn) in spiritual matters (Pisces). Neptune in Virgo shows modesty and service to the neglected and marginalized people in society and the poor, and together with Saturn in Pisces in a powerful opposition they show a very conservative and traditional form of spiritual belief, one which espouses old values, those like marriage, loyalty, devotion and obedience to the word of God. Notice that he asks people to pray for him rather than the other way around, that’s the humble influence of Neptune in Virgo coming through loud and clear.

The opposition here also shows finding a balance between the limitations of the material world (Saturn) and one’s beliefs, visions and ideals (Neptune). The Uranus Venus square I think tips the balance here in favour of austerity and simplicity, of kindness to the poor, of fighting for equality for them (Mars in Libra), of a global vision of the church revitalized to serve those people. The name he chose, Francis, following in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi, suits him down to the ground.

I mentioned in my article a week ago on who could be the next pope that Jupiter sitting conjunct in the skies to Aldebaran, the royal star in the eye of the bull in Taurus would be a significant indicator of who might be chosen; the old texts say that this conjunction favours high ecclesiastical honor. Today, as Pope Francis was acclaimed in Rome, Jupiter was exactly conjunct to this star, and it just so happens that Aldebaran is his own Heliacal setting star, one which would be activated into the second part of his life affecting him deeply. This signifies someone who will eventually find a set of principles which will guide his life, be it social, political or spiritual. It suggests success and acclaim if one stands true to these principles and does not compromise them, however if one has taken or takes the wrong path then one will be eventually found out, and lose everything. Greatness or ignominy awaits him…


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