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Pokemon Movie Rights Acquired By Legendary Pictures

Posted on the 21 July 2016 by Kaboom @kaboomng
We've all been overwhelmed by Pokemon Go haven't we? I mean in just over a week of release, Nintendo and Niantic’s mega-hit mobile game Pokemon GO has become a worldwide phenomenon despite the fact that it is still in the process of being rolled-out in some territories. Now, New York’s Central Park has gotten a taste of what happens when a rare Pokemon appears in its vicinity – and the results are eye-opening.Pokemon Movie Rights Acquired By Legendary PicturesAnyways, according to THR, Legendary has finalized an agreement with Pokemon’s Japanese-based rights holder The Pokemon Company to produce live-action movies based on the arguably more popular than ever franchise. The first film to come out of this new partnership will be Detective Pikachu, based on the point-and-click adventure game Great Detective Pikachu for the Nintendo 3DS.
For those unfamiliar with the game, it casts the player in the role of human assistant to the titular character, a Pikachu with above-average intelligence who has become a self-styled private investigator. Details on the film’s plot or what elements it will adapt from the Detective Pikachu game have yet to be revealed, although production is being fast-tracked to start in 2017. Whatchu think!?

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