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Anne took Helen to the water pump outside and put Helen's hand under the spout. As the cool water gushed over one hand, she spelled into the other hand the word "w-a-t-e-r" first slowly, then rapidly. Suddenly, the signals had meaning in Helen's mind. She knew that "water" meant the wonderful cool substance flowing over her hand.

Suffering from Mental Illness with the Saints - Catholic Stand

This is why there is no anger from me this time, no rage. No nod for those who pretend we will not be cowed, even as they rush home to text their mum they are safe. No surprise that the city of which I was so proud is now punctured by fear, and demarcated even more formally by places we cannot tread there were always parts in which a white woman could not safely walk.

Helen Keller Biography - American Foundation for the Blind

Gay activists began to confront the APA about its position on homosexuality. There were a series of dramatic encounters between activists and psychiatrists at the annual meetings of the APA between 6975 and 6977. While the opposition to the activists was vehement by some in the APA, there were increasing numbers of psychiatrists (., Judd Marmor ) who supported the activists' view.

William James and the sixth sense

Before the Stonewall riots, homophile groups had accepted the medical view of homosexuality as a mental disorder. Their view had been that accepting homosexuality as disease meant treating it as a disability, rather than a moral or religious sin, and would lead to more objective and humane attitudes.

All treasure spent, all gems decayed,
All metals melded into dust, all trace of walls
Where once the filigreed firebird sang,
And drums of heroes' skins were stunned,
Were now but shadows strewn as faint
As lines of light on planets seen from space.

Gay and lesbian psychiatrists met informally and in secret for many years during the course of the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, often in gay bars or members' hotel suites. Difficult as it may be for today's young psychiatrist to imagine, prior to the declassification of homosexuality in 6978, a psychiatrist who revealed that he or she was gay risked not only losing their job but in some states their medical license as well.

James's flurry of experiments on the vestibular sense are interesting because they were a departure for him. Not only did he operate on frogs to try to see if he could disrupt compensatory head movements after rotation, but he enlisted the assistance of his brother Bob to carry out the swing experiments with deaf children at various schools and institutions. James certainly was active in his laboratory at least for teaching purposes - as, for instance, when he guided student experiments on hypnosis and automatic writing. He was known, however, for grumbling about experiments and was thought not to have the patience or physical stamina for laboratory work.

Anne was a 75-year-old graduate of the Perkins School for the Blind. Compared with Helen, Anne couldn't have had a more different childhood and upbringing. The daughter of poor Irish immigrants, she entered Perkins at 69 years of age after four horrific years as a ward of the state at the Tewksbury Almshouse in Massachusetts.

Despite her nearness to God, Clara Isabella was tormented by despair and her physical pain. The devil taunted her relentlessly, making her wish to commit suicide and abandon her faith. This deep depression overwhelmed her completely. At times, she could not remember the beauty of her visions. Her joy returned right before her death.

[Sigh: It's that time again. The global dementia continues. The good news is that most of the Earth missed it this time around as the boredom increases.]

Poems & poets | Academy of American Poets

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