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Podia Review 2018 With Discount Coupon Free 2 Months ($158) Hurry

Posted on the 04 November 2018 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Do you wanna sell online courses, e-books, digital-downloads, membership subscriptions or any other digital products? Creating a membership site, online course, e-books is easy, but when it comes to marketing and selling these things, it's really hard to find potential customers.

You might have found several options where you can easily sell these things and earn revenue. What if I tell, there's a platform called Podia which is far better than platforms out there in terms of functionality, features, customer support and pricing.

Podia Discount Coupon Free 2 Months ($158)

Podia Review 2018 With Discount Coupon Free 2 Months ($158) Hurry

Podia is a powerful platform where anyone can easily sell online courses, membership, and digital downloads. Podia lets you create, host and sell your digital products right at a single all-in-one platform. The best part about Podia is that it doesn't take transaction fees and provides more value to its customers.

In this post, we have featured Podia Review 2018 that includes all the detailed insights about its pricing, functionality, features and more. Let's get started here..

Podia Review 2018 With Discount Coupon Free 2 Months ($158)

About Podia

Podia is a platform that lets you sell membership, online courses, and digital downloads. With Podia you can easily sell membership, online courses and digital downloads right to your audience. Podia is one of the easiest ways to earn passive incomes by selling online courses and sell.

Podia offers a clean and intuitive interface for designing your website. And it's really simple for beginners to create a website and it's only for digital downloads, online courses, and membership, basically, the options are more consolidate for users in those industries.

Now you can easily create stunning storefront within a few minutes and start selling your digital products. There is no technical knowledge needed and also there is no need of third-party plugins.

You can simply handle everything from content creation to sending a newsletter to your audience safely and then securely process the payments.

Features Of Podia

Podia is an all-in-one Digital Storefront as it offers everything that will need to create and sell online courses, digital downloads, and membership. Features of Podia generally breaks int four main categories:

Let's understand it's featured for each of the parts given above:

Membership Site:

Membership site software can help you in a decent passive income to your pocket. Podia really makes it easy to build and manage online community right without having needs of dozens of software tools like payments, content delivery, and email updates and many more things out there.

Podia Review 2018 With Discount Coupon Free 2 Months ($158) Hurry
    Offers Multiple Plans: Just to create a variety of membership levels right with different resources, content, and prices.

Online Courses: Now you can create and sell online courses right with the easiest platform on the planet. Podia really makes it easy simply by putting everything that you need to create, sell and manage your online courses right in one place.

Podia Review 2018 With Discount Coupon Free 2 Months ($158) Hurry
    Unlimited Everything: Everything with Podia is unlimited and here you don't have to worry about your monthly pricing because your business is growing. All of the plans come with multiple bandwidths, file size, and a number of courses, sales or anything else.
Digital Downloads

Just sell digital downloads right without the technical knowledge as here Podia handles everything for you. You can simply upload your files and you're ready to sell.

    Sell Anything: You can easily sell digital downloads of any kind that includes eBooks, PDFs, cheat sheets, checklist, audio files and more. Podia supports many other files types.

Email Marketing: An email newsletter platform is also designed for all the creators out there. As we all know that your email list is your most valuable marketing tool and here with Podia you are getting that feature. Podia will definitely help you in building that list and nurture it and create more.

Podia Review 2018 With Discount Coupon Free 2 Months ($158) Hurry
    Send Drip Contents: Really, Drip campaigns are one of the great ways to build entire sales funnels right within Podia.

Podia Editor: With the Podia Editor you will get the complete control over the look and the feel of your Storefront as well as the sales pages.

Podia Review 2018 With Discount Coupon Free 2 Months ($158) Hurry
    Live Preview: There is really no switching back and forth right between your editor and there is also a separate tab in order to preview your content.

Pricing Plans:

Podia Discount Coupon Free 2 Months

Podia offers simple and quite affordable pricing options. It has a straightforward pricing for you to get your online business up and running. The best part is that the Podia platform also offers a 14-Day-Free trial offer that doesn't require any credit cards.

Podia Review 2018 With Discount Coupon Free 2 Months ($158) Hurry

Here's the catch, if you choose the annual plan as a bonus you will be getting a 2 month for free. And also if you're choosing the yearly plans, you are going to get better monthly rates.

Podia isn't cheap but the features and interface it offers are great and really makes up for the price. Podia mainly offers two pricing plans let's check out what they actually are:

1) Mover ( $39/ Month)
  • Online courses
  • Digital downloads
  • Email marketing
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Unlimited everything
  • 24/7 support
2) Shaker ($79/Month)
  • Online courses
  • Digital downloads
  • Email marketing
  • Memberships
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Unlimited everything
  • 24/7 support
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Third-Party Code
  • FREE migration

Pros and Cons Of Podia:

  • O% Transaction fees
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Digital Downloads
  • Unlimited Digital Downloads
  • Prelaunch Product Pages
  • Drip Email Content
  • Customer Tracking
  • A High Conversion Check Out page
  • Offers Data Exporting tools
  • A Payment Protection plan
  • Offers a custom domain to sell items from your website
  • Limitations are there in the starter plan
  • Customer support is not that much reliable

Podia Platform Security

We all know that, if a website or a checkout page is not secure then nobody will make any transaction. So it's better to have a secure checkout page so that your customers can easily enter their details and make any purchase.

And here you Podia Checkout is generally protected by Stripe and PayPal. The best part is that Podia doesn't collect any information right when one of your customers goes through the checkout, all of the checkout pages and interface are completely secured.

You will be amazed to know all of your transactions are mainly sent through an encryption process that is protected right by 128-bit SSL encryption. And if you are trying to sell your online courses or digital downloads then it will definitely help you as often people try to game the system having the intention of getting all the things for free.

One plus point of choosing Podia is that for both pricing plans they offer the free SSL certificates in order to provide an extra layer of security to your transactions.

Podia Customer Service

As we have mentioned above support matters a lot when it comes to any software or tools out there in the market. One drawback of Podia is that they lack the phone support that I think they should provide to its customers. Podia offers emails as well as live chat support.

The Shaker plan will be getting migration assistance if somehow you plan on moving right from a different platform. But, it's not the thing that bounds Podia as it also has a Blog where everything is updated on-time so you can easily relate with that.

Overall I would like to say Podia support is about as good as it can get without phone support and medium as well.

Customer Reviews:

Hear what people are saying about us...

Working with @podiadotcom to relaunch several courses. Really impressed with the team-very helpful and responsive.

1:30 PM - Feb 5, 2018

I've tried tons of membership platforms, and @podiadotcom is the best I've found.

12:43 PM - Dec 8, 2017

Just saw what I thought was impossible. @podiadotcom got memberships done right. It has finally been done.

4:56 PM - Dec 10, 2017

Just launched Health Geeks Academy this week using Podia. It is awesome. Super user friendly.

12:57 PM - Dec 12, 2017

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Conclusion: Podia Review 2018

Now you have got all the detailed insights about Podia pricing, features, functionality, pros & cons and more. It's your time to make a move, but from our side, we would like to suggest Podia to our audience as it can really help you in selling your online courses, membership, digital downloads and more.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to tell us which platform do you use to sell your courses, membership, and other digital downloads right in the comment section below.

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Podia Review 2018 With Discount Coupon Free 2 Months ($158) Hurry


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