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Podcast # 10 - Anti-Zionist Gays Protesting Jewish Gays in Chicago and a Few Thoughts on a Vic Rosenthal Piece

Posted on the 27 January 2016 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.
This podcast is only about five minutes long and it is concerned with two stories.
The first is from Times of Israel reporter Eric Cortellessa entitled, Protesters obstruct Jewish reception at gay rights convention.
The second is a piece by Vic Rosenthal over at Abu Yehuda entitled, The PLO can't be fixed.
Given how generally friendly western Jews have been toward the movement for Gay rights, it is vaguely nauseating to witness the worst forms of anti-Zionism burrowing their way into that movement.
Rosenthal, on a different topic, is directly on-point.
The PLO is possibly one of the most malign entities to come into being in the 20th century, no less than the Nazi party or the Stalinist soviet regime, albeit on a smaller scale. In the years from its founding in 1964 and through its unfortunate legitimization by Israel as the representative of the Palestinians – one of the two greatest strategic mistakes made by an Israeli government since the founding of the state – the PLO brought terrorism into the mainstream of international politics, started wars and destabilized governments. It always kept its primary objective foremost: to destroy Israel by killing Israeli Jews. Thanks to Oslo it now has the status of a governmental authority.

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