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PMLN Member of Punjab Assembly Munawar Gill Rapped a Woman in His Office + Video

Posted on the 20 March 2013 by Itzmealie @ideasonclick

Munawar Gill and his team is famous as land grabbers (Kabza Group) in Pasroor Kachehri, they grabbed the land of the sister of this innocent lady then called her for the resolution of the problem and then rapped the lady in their office. A lawyer Rafique jathol is supporting them in court issues.
She stated that she lives abroad and she came back a day ago to the incident, Munawar gill called her and promised that visit his office, He will help her in taking the land back from the grabbers,but when she visited he rapped her in his office, Munawar gill also rapped her sister. Munawar Gill called her with many numbers including some Govt. numbers. She said they were two people in the office. She reported to the police and waiting for the justice.
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