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“please Don’t Buy Any of These Domains, They’re All Terrible and You’d Be Supporting Asshole Domain Squatters”

Posted on the 29 August 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains
Domain Squatters

So a gentleman named Martin O’Leary, created a game based on an idea by Holly Gramazio.

The site is very simple, it shows two names and it’s your job to guess which one costs more? Most of the names I saw were owned by Huge Domains and one of them was owned by Frank Schilling.

I went 8 rounds of the game and it’s just meant to be a time waster, (no prizes or leaderboard).

The headline of our post is taken from the bottom of the page. Apparently all domain owners to this gentleman outside of our industry, are “asshole domain squatters.”

You can play the game here

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